August 31, 2012

Win at IBC 2012!

We're offering you a chance to win a FREE Clear-Com headset. In fact, we'll be doing drawings every hour so don't forget to drop off your entry form at our stand!
How to win? Just follow these two easy steps.
Step 1: Fill it out this form and give it to one of our Clear-Com booth staff.
Step 2: Receive a demo of one of our new products from our Clear-Com staff. You are now entered to win!
We look forward to seeing you at IBC soon!

August 28, 2012

Clear-Com Supplies Venue Intercoms

Did you hear London's biggest secret?

Here it is:

Mark Hallinger writes about how Clear-Com was used in 42 venues at the London summer games in these TV Technology articles:

London Calling: Clear-Com Supplies Venue Intercoms

London Calling: Flexibility Key in Talkback Technology

London Calling: Tonnage & Technology

August 24, 2012

Wrap-Up of August Tradeshows

AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America (August 7-9, 2012)

AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America exhibition was held at the Mandela Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The event focused on the most important technological research and advancements driving the unmanned systems community. Over 500 exhibitors and more than 8,000 attendees, including key leaders, from over 40 countries gathered to participate.

Clear-Com (Booth 2551) demonstrated its wide selection of clear and reliable intercom systems including the Eclipse matrix intercom, new V-Series Rotary panels, the new Tempest2400 with Seamless Roaming, HME DX210 wireless intercom, Encore partyline and more.

BIRTV (August 22-25, 2012)
Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) is China's top-notch exhibition in the industry of radio, film and television, bringing together over 500 exhibitors and more than 55,000 attendees.  The large number of high caliber products exhibited, the sustained participation of top exhibitors and manufacturers and the huge numbers of professionals and interested visitors make this event different from others.

Clear-Com (8A10) exhibited its new HelixNet Partyline, Eclipse matrix, and extensive portfolio of wireless intercom systems.

August 20, 2012

Sound Fusion

Yupangco Electronics Corporation (YEC), a total professional audio system solution provider company in the Philippines, presented an exciting product seminar called “Sound Fusion” on August 2, 2012 at the Yupangco Building in Makati City. Many professionals from the broadcast, education and house of worship markets along with audio engineers, system integrators and professional audio enthusiasts attended the event with great eagerness to learn about the latest product innovations.

The event featured guest speakers from Clear-Com, Klotz a-i-s Cables, TOA Electronics and more. Clear-Com presented its newest product offerings including the state-of-the art HelixNet Partyline, Tempest with Seamless Roaming, Tempest2400 MasterBelt and more.

August 17, 2012

A Clear-Com Love Story

In 1999, I worked as an audio operator at a university theater in Colorado. As a senior, I had been there a few years and the technical director relied on me to train young techies and to help them acclimate to their post-high school careers. One of our new recruits was a beautiful young sophomore that many of the boys on the crew hoped to get closer to. I, on the other hand, was shy and focused on propriety so I said nothing to her outside of professional necessity. I did, however, think she was incredibly beautiful and highly intelligent. The ribbing she got from the senior crew and the fact that I almost never spoke to her had her convinced that I hated her and she wasn't very fond of me. She even almost quit when just the two of us were scheduled on a small show together. Fortunately, she didn't quit because that night I accidentally wore a brown shoe and a black shoe. I was embarrassed, but also saw the humor in it. I even tried to wrap the brown shoe in gaff to cover it up. She thought it was cute and saw me in a different way. That night, there wasn't much for us to do but chat on Clear-Com.  Since I couldn't actually see her, I felt less shy. We talked all through the show and found that we had a great number of similar interests uncommon to most people our age. The conversation flowed so easily that it felt like we were old friends. That night, I knew I was falling in love. After the strike, she asked me to walk her home. She held my hand as we walked. We haven't been apart since. A few years later, we got married and we are still happy today. It's all thanks to what we celebrate on our anniversary as our Clear-Com night.

Matthew Gale
Longmont, Colorado

August 15, 2012

Intercom Solutions for Military, Aerospace and Government

For over 40 years, Clear-Com’s intercom solutions have led the industry with high quality communications that meet the critical needs of the military, aerospace and government. Internationally recognized for the reliability and innovation of its voice communication systems, Clear-Com systems have been deployed in over 100 countries worldwide and has improved collaboration, bolstered high productivity and even transformed work environments.

Check out our latest Clear-Com brochure to learn more about how we provide vital communications capabilities for command and control, training and simulation, and test and evaluation: Intercom Solutions for Military, Aerospace and Government

August 10, 2012

Why 30 Volts? (Podcast)

Occasionally, Clear-Com gets asked why the power supply and main station provides 30 volts of power. Find the answer directly from Charlie!

August 8, 2012

Intercoms On Set

Clear-Com's HME DX210 Wireless Intercom System

"Communication is such an important factor during our reveals; if it fails, the entire episode could collapse," says Sean O'Malley, production-sound mixer of Punk'd.

Mel Lambert of HDVideoPro discusses the importance of intercoms and IFB systems in productions in this article: Intercoms on Set - How to Keep in Touch with Your Crew

August 7, 2012

Are You up to the Challenge?

How many of you know what these are?

Photo Credit:
They are challenge coins!

A challenge coin is a coin with an organization’s insignia and is carried by the members of that group. In the military, they are normally presented by commanders to recognize outstanding service or the special achievement of a member in the unit.
The tradition goes back to WWI when the coin was being used to verify a person’s identity during meetings or membership to a specific unit. The very first unit in the U.S. Military that was known to have a coin was the Special Forces Group, the Green Berets. There is also a specific way to hand out these coins, which is usually through a handshake. It is passed from the right hand of the giver to the right hand of the receiver.

These challenge coins became increasingly popular in the past few decades and soldiers began “the challenge”. The challenge starts off with the challenger drawing his/her coin and slapping it on the table. Everyone being challenged must immediately show the coin for their organization and anyone failing to do so must buy drinks for the challenger and everyone else who has the challenge coin. However, if everyone that is challenged has their coin, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for the group instead.
In 2009, Clear-Com designed and created our own challenge coin with images from the military, aerospace and government to represent the markets we serve. We offer them to customers/personnel in uniform during meetings and also use a handshake to complete the transfer.   

Watch this video below to learn more!

August 3, 2012

Friday Fun: How Many Intercom Panels Can You Find?

The image below features an installation of Clear-Com's intercom panels at a military facility. How many user control panels can you find? Look hard! See below for the answer.

Here is an image showing where the panels are located:

There are 18 Clear-Com intercom panels in this image!