December 27, 2012

MS-223 Gets a Makeover

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As students arrived for their first day of the new school year at MS-223, also known as The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology, in the South Bronx, they were greeted by the site of the school's newly upgraded auditorium. During the summer, Masque Sound, a theatrical sound reinforcement, installation, and design company, as well as a Clear-Com Partner, completed the auditorium overhaul and installed new audio equipment, including Clear-Com intercoms, for the school.

Clear-Com's PS-702
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December 26, 2012

Clear-Com Booth, Back in the Day

We found some photos of our Clear-Com tradeshow booth from 1981. How do you like our previous logo and displays?

December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Our Clear-Com office would like you wish you a very happy holiday season!


December 20, 2012

Clear-Com President Bob Boster Selects the Right Instruments

Kirsten Nelson, Editor of SCN, interviewed Bob Boster, Clear-Com President, regarding his career, experience and perspective on the industry in Clear-Com President Bob Boster Selects the Right Instruments.

Article summary:
  • Bob Boster's background in radio, television and motion picture
  • How user interface development is overlooked
  • Key factors in product development
  • Boster's roles at Clear-Com
  • Clear-Com's involvement in niche market applications
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December 18, 2012

House of Worship Productions: PC3 with Clear-Com

The Production Team at Port City Community Church is committed to create an engaging worship experience within a distraction-free environment for people who regularly attend PC3 as well as guests who may be attending for the first time. The community wants to provide a place where people who love music, art or technology can serve their church and grow spiritually. The PC3 production team members utilize Clear-Com's intercom systems to coordinate the service, from running the camera to cuing lyrics for the worship leaders and congregation.

Here's a video of the service with conversations over Clear-Com:

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December 14, 2012

In Rememberance of John D. Silva

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This past November, John D. Silva, a pioneer of the broadcast industry, passed away. We'd like to recognize his valuable contributions in this post.

According to Bob Pool of the Los Angeles Times, "[John D. Silva] turned a rented Bell helicopter into the Telecopter, essentially a flying TV studio. The first of its kind, it put Channel 5 news at the forefront of live aerial coverage of major events like parades, fires, earthquakes and massive freeway snarls.

Hundreds of televised car chases later, Silva's invention is a staple of local television news stations, along with the mobile unit he also had a hand in developing."

December 13, 2012

DUSHOW Wax Exhibition Highlights Clear-Com

DUSHOW is one of the largest audio and lighting rental companies in France. The business is responsible for supplying equipment and services for well-known productions, including The Voice, Carnival of Nice, The Enfoires and more. DUSHOW recently had its thirtieth anniversary and the inauguration of its new office in Paris.

For the grand opening of the new site, the company had a wax exhibition showcasing Clear-Com’s intercom systems.
Check out these photos from the event:

December 11, 2012

Set Free

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Busch Gardens Iceploration demonstrates advances in projection mapping.

At the Iceploration Show in Busch Gardens' Moroccan Palace theater, ice skating, multimedia, puppetry and aerial acrobatic come together to tell the story of a teenager and his grandfather as they set out on a journey around the globe. With the help of Clear-Com's Encore partyline system, the production team was able to effortlessly pull off the show.

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December 7, 2012

Friday Fun Flash Mob

Happy Friday! We hope your holiday season is full of good cheer! May this video below bring you even more joy! Watch as this amazing orchestra surprises an unsuspecting crowd in Germany with a rendition of the iconic Star Wars theme song.

December 6, 2012

November 2012 Tradeshow Wrap-Up

NATEXPO (Nov. 6th-8th / Moscow, Russia)

NATEXPO is an annual, international exhibition and conference focused on technologies, professional equipment and services for television, radio, new media broadcasting and cinema production. Over 16,000 industry professionals from around the world attended the event for international business development and to learn about the latest technologies.

Clear-Com (Booth#A41) and Oltbert, Clear-Com’s exclusive Russian distributor, demonstrated Clear-Com's extensive portfolio of wired, wireless and IP-based intercoms.

Content and Communications World (Nov. 14th-15th / New York, NY)

At CCW, thousands of attendees and exhibitors alike participated in the ever-changing conversation surrounding content creation, management and distribution/delivery. The tradeshow provided a plethora of networking opportunities as well as interactions with new products and technology.

Clear-Com displayed its revolutionary HelixNet Partyline, Tempest2400 wireless system, and Eclipse-PiCo matrix intercom.

December 4, 2012

All That Jazz

Jazz is taken quite seriously in New Orleans. That's why the addition of a music performance venue on the third floor of the Old US Mint last year was not undertaken lightly. A joint venture between the state and the Federal Interior Department, the new Jazz Theater is located just steps from New Orleans' Frenchmen Street entertainment district, and is co-curated by Preservation Hall and the Louisiana State Museum. Clear-Com's Encore partyline systems were used by the technical crew to communicate and manage events and performances at the venue. 
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