November 29, 2011

The Intercom Clone Project

With his brilliant technical expertise, Richard Crowley, Web/Database Developer and Video Producer at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon built his own partyline intercom system in his “Intercom Clone Project”. His intercom systems are not intended for resale, but are to educate users on how intercom systems work from the basics of a circuit to PC board layouts and from the fundamental parts list to advanced mechanical drawings.

Click on this photo to learn more from his website:

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November 22, 2011

Partner Spotlight: Jands

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Founded in 1970, Jands, Clear-Com’s distributor in Australia, provides the world’s most recognized brands of audio, lighting and staging products for broadcast, live performance, and similar industries. Additionally, Jands Production Services offers audio and production services to the rental market while their Jands Staging division designs and creates solutions to meet the challenging demands of the theatre market.

Jands has supplied Clear-Com systems to many users throughout the years including Tempest to Scene Change, FreeSpeak for hyperbaric chambers, Clear-Com’s digital matrix system for the Aerospace Operational Support Group (AOSG) and more. Most recently, the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust acquired Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Pico digital matrix intercom and V-Series user control panels from Jands to coordinate the broadcast and production of their sporting events. The Syndey Cricket and Sports Ground, a sports stadium in Moore Park, Sydney, hosts tennis matches, motor racing, and most popular of all, rugby and cricket competitions.

Jands Pty Ltd
ABN: 45 001 187 837

Jands Head Office
40 Kent Road
Mascot NSW 2020

Postal Address
Locked Bag 15
Mascot NSW 1460

Main Phone Number: (+61) 2 9582 0909
Main Fax Number: (+61) 2 9582 0999

November 18, 2011

Friday Fun: Photo Time!

The audio, the lighting, the cabling, the cueing, the coordination, the long days of back-breaking labor.........

It takes a certain person to be an expert in this field. A person that is often hidden behind stage, in the studio or on the road.

A person like you.

You are one of many hard workers out there that break your back lugging flight cases and laying cable, handle all the stress and pressure of making everything go smoothly, give cues to teams of people, and yet always manage to produce a flawless production.

The internet can get so impersonal.....what with hiding behind computers and all. So, we want to give you YOUR fifteen minutes of fame! 

Take a photo of you hard at work......or hardly working! We'll post 'em here and give you the recognition you deserve! Submit your photos via email ( or you can post them on our Facebook page! Have fun with it and let your true personality shine!!

(but hey, no nudity or non-pc stuff ok? There are some things you just can't UN-SEE. My eyes and the other readers/followers/general public will thank you!)

November 17, 2011

Voice Communication Solution Optimizes Work Environment for Rotorcraft Testing Team at NASA

Jacobs Engineering

NASA’s National Full Scale Aerodynamic Complex (NFAC) which is operated by the United States Air Force in Moffett Field, California has the world’s largest and only 80 by 120 feet wind tunnel where engineers perform full-scale rotorcraft testing. The test engineering team, contracted by Jacobs Engineering, requires reliable access to clear communication in
order to successfully coordinate set up and testing in the wind tunnel.

Business Challenges

• Aged intercom system could not provide clear audio in noisy environments
• Limited beltpack capacity decreased productivity
• Lack of full-duplex communication between all test operation areas hampered the highly mobile team
• Trunking radios caused safety hazard

Intercom Solution
• E-Que Card
• CEL-TA active transceiver antennas
• Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS)
• 20 integrated CellCom 1.92-1.93GHz
wireless beltpacks
• 3 V-Series panels
• FOR-22 Radio Interface
• CCI-22 Two-Wire Partyline Interface

Business Results
• 55 users maintain contact with the CellCom wireless beltpacks’ duplex
• Users have volume control to hear better in loud environments
• “Listen Again” technology enables users to replay incoming calls
• Increased wireless coverage extended to blue room and control rooms
• Multichannel functions maximize work efficiency
• Integrated radios eliminates danger and permits adaptability
• Integrated recorder captures all critical information

November 15, 2011

Why Intercom Systems?

In a day and age where people have access to so many different means of communications from smart phones and two-way radios to online instant messaging and skype, some may wonder why there is still a need for intercom systems. 

Nonetheless, broadcasters, theaters, houses of worship, hospitals, the military and many more industries with critical applications keep turning to intercom systems as their trusted solution for professional voice communications. The intercom users in these markets are often immersed in an evironment with shifting demands, rapid decision making, and for some, even dangerous operations. Therefore, only the most reliable communication technologies are qualified to be used for coordinating the completion of their day to day responsibilities. 

Matt Danilowiczs, Clear-Com's President, identifies the two major strengths of intercom systems:

1. Low-latency: The person receiving information over the intercom system will hear that message instantly since the audio is being transmitted at a sub-millisecond speed.

2. Superb audio quality

Learn more about his explanation through this video:

Click on the photo to watch video. (Photo credit: Youtube)

November 11, 2011

Friday Fun: Intercom Game!!

It's game time people!! In this day and age, the internet is a wonderful resource tool. Or a great way to spend some free time....or procrastinate. You pick. With a quick Google search, we found some fun sites to help waste away the time.

"Intercom" Word Fun: Click here to see how many words you can create using just the letters in the word INTERCOM.

Audio Room: Click here to build your own Audio Studio

Build Your Own Soundboard: Click here to add sounds to build your own custom Soundboard

NewsHunter: Click here to chase down the other news van to get the story first

Audio Room Escape: Click here to uncover clues to break you out of the room

Hollywood Tycoon: Click here to build your own movie studio (free trial)

Know of any other fun games? Post them in the comments!

November 10, 2011

World‐Class Vessel Maximizes Well Intervention Collaboration

Well Enhancer

Launched in 2009, Well Enhancer is the newest addition to the the Helix Well Ops fleet and specializes in Light Well Intervention operations, supported by saturation diving, along with remote operated vehicles (ROV) and construction services. With over 100 crew members working on the nine decks of the ship and underwater, communications and collaboration are of vital importance for the safety of each individual and successful completion of well intervention procedures.

Intercom Solution
Business Results
Enhanced Cooperation

Crew members can conveniently contact individuals or make vesselwide announcements using any of the speaker stations installed on all nine decks of the ship. They no longer need to waste time going to the PA system to share information with everyone, dispatch foot messengers to find individuals, or experience delays in responses from missed calls. With the push of a key, the Well Enhancer team can now easily and directly reach the point of contact, accelerating decision making, action and completion of the overall operation.

Increased Safety
With the Clear‐Com wired beltpacks, the Diving Support Team is able to safely navigate the deployment of the diving bell because they can clearly hear and follow instructions the first time they are given.

Accelerated Decision Making for Higher Productivity

The divers’ helmets, which have built in microphones and speakers, are linked to the master stations though an umbilical, enabling the divers to correspond with the Dive Supervisor. The Dive Supervisor communicates over a speaker station to direct all the ship’s staff to either move the vessel to reposition the crane or to coordinate the transporting of equipment into and out of the sea. With the intercom systems interconnecting the entire crew and divers, coordination is synchronized. Thus, the vessel and equipment can be securely and quickly moved, saving time and money.

November 8, 2011

Wrap-Up of October Tradeshows

Featured Show: AES (October 21st-23rd)

There was so much that happened at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) show in New York, NY! They include the following:

1. Larry Estrin, Strategic Technology Consultant for Clear-Com, shares his extensive knowledge and experience on “The Need for Coordinating License-Free Devices in the 2.4 GHz Band” as a panel speaker for the Audio Engineering Society Convention.

2. Further, Clear-Com’s industry leaders, such as Vinnie Macri and John Kowalski, provided valuable customer and partner support at Booth 431.

3. Clear-Com launched the Global Rental Group, inviting existing partners and companies that rent out Clear-Com equipment to join a rental network that will help them generate more business. Learn more>> Clear-Com Global Rental Group

4. We exhibited our new HME DX210, a wireless intercom system that is highly functional and versatile. Read more >> Pro Sound News Europe's AES Highlights 

Here’s what Vinnie Macri said about AES in an article for the Prosound Network:
“The New York marketplace is always good for [gauging] East Coast response for our dealers, our partners in the area and our integrators in the area. Also, the East Coast is where all the broadcast decisions are made, plus there’s the performing arts community—particularly the Broadway community—and all of those people are here. At AES, there’s a lot of AV consultants as well; they specify our products into their performing arts spaces and AV projects, so no question, it’s an important show for us to be at.”

LDI (October 28th-30th)

Clear-Com exhibited at Booth 737 at LDI 2011, which was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The show brought in lighting, sound, and projection and effects design professionals from all markets.

Vinnie Macri, Training and Certification Manager, Clear-Com, taught the “Intercoms: Staying Connected” session on Saturday, October 29th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The training covered basic to advanced technical knowledge of wired and wireless intercoms and provided the latest insight on new intercom technologies.  The first ten people that attended the session received Clear-Com headsets!

Rocky Mountain Video Expo  (October 19th-20th)

Top industry professionals, decision makers and end-users in film, video, broadcast, sound animation, computer imaging and more attended the Rocky Mountain Video Expo, stationed at the Denver Airport Convention Center, Crowne Plaza. The expo showcased technologies including audio and lighting equipment for corporate, worship, entertainment and large venue as well as pre and post production solutions for broadcast. Clear-Com was situated in Booth 506.

CCW (October 12th-13th)

The Content & Communications World (CCW) exhibition and conference for media, entertainment and communications technology took place at the Jacob J. Javits Convention Center in New York, NY with a focus on satellite, fiber and IP communication business solutions. Clear-Com exhibited in Booth 1155. 

SBE (October 4th-5th)

The 39th annual Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 22 Regional Convention was held at Verona, New York. The SBE show attracted over 800 professionals from the fields of broadcasting, cable, new media, presentation technology, systems integration, event production, hours of worship, public safety, security and medical fields. Clear-Com exhibited in Booth A25, attracting great interest for our Eclipse digital matrix and Tempest900 wireless system.

November 7, 2011

We're a Rock Our World Winner!

This year, at LDI in Orlando, one of our applications, Disney World of Color, were listed as a finalist in the PLASA Rock Our World Awards........AND WE WON!!!

What are the Rock Our World Awards?

The Rock Our World Awards is an annual recognition for outstanding and groundbreaking achievements within the entertainment technology industry and is offered only to members of the PLASA organization. Because this year PLASA and ESTA have merged, this is the first year where the awards program has expanded to a global event. 12 Finalists made it to the final round and 7 Winners were announced at the 2011 PLASA Cocktail and Awards Reception the night before the LDI show in Orlando opened.

WINNER:  Disney World of Color
A.C.T. Lighting, Christie, Clear-Com, Fisher Technical Services, Green Hippo, IATSE Local 33, MA Lighting International, Meyer Sound Laboratories, PRG, Syncrolite, TMB, Walt Disney Parks and Creative Entertainment

"The Disney World of Color attraction at Disney's California Adventure park was unveiled to the world in June 2010 after three years of development and construction. Walt Disney parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment worked with fellow PLASA members to create a 'nighttime water spectacular' that synchronizes elements of water, color, fire, light, projection, and music to dizzying effect.

The attraction boasts an astounding collection of equipment and machinery. 1,200 water fountains each equipped with an LED light ring, shoot water 200 feet into the air. Images from the Disney canon are projected onto a 380-foot long mist screen. Fire nozzles shoot flames 50 feet into the air, and telescopic masts rise from the water - each supporting domes filled with lighting and video effects. Fog, lasers, searchlights, and light towers circling Paradise Bay round out the spectacle."  - excerpted from Lighting and Sound America. 

Congratulations to Disney World of Color and all those that participated in this extraordinary application!

November 4, 2011

Kiowa County Comes Back Stronger (Video)

Kiowa County Media Center just had their grand opening on November 1st!
Clear-Com has partnered with the Kiowa County Media Center, a ground-breaking, sustainable media outlet in Greensburg Kansas, to dramatically transform community communications. Following the EF5 tornado, one of the worst U.S. natural disasters of 2007, which destroyed Kiowa County, Clear-Com provided the community with five EncoreTM partyline intercom systems to facilitate rich collaboration within the broadcast team and promote the rapid rebuilding of their communications infrastructure.
Read more >> Kiowa County Comes Back Stronger with Clear-Com

Watch this video showing the Kiowa County Media Center! Just click below.
Click on the photo above to watch the video. Photo Credit: Youtube

November 1, 2011

The Evolution of Television

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The origin of television traces back to the early 1940s when New York City had the only broadcast station and television sets were few and expensive.  In fact, most people didn’t even know what television was, let alone, own one. Nonetheless, it soon became more affordable and popular by the early 1950s. People began to watch television up to five hours a day with news and educational programming comprising over 50% of television shows followed by drama, which was about 30% of programming.

In the 1970s, television stations, such as WINK TV, began to approach Clear-Com for our intercom systems because they were extremely reliable and had successfully proven themselves for intercommunications in the live performance market.

Today, nearly every American household owns a television set, having immediate access to breaking news updates, educational programming, and entertainment. Major leaders in broadcast, such as CNN (Washington D.C.), CBS (California), Associated Press (Washington D.C.), and more, rely on Clear-Com for their television productions and broadcast operations.