November 7, 2011

We're a Rock Our World Winner!

This year, at LDI in Orlando, one of our applications, Disney World of Color, were listed as a finalist in the PLASA Rock Our World Awards........AND WE WON!!!

What are the Rock Our World Awards?

The Rock Our World Awards is an annual recognition for outstanding and groundbreaking achievements within the entertainment technology industry and is offered only to members of the PLASA organization. Because this year PLASA and ESTA have merged, this is the first year where the awards program has expanded to a global event. 12 Finalists made it to the final round and 7 Winners were announced at the 2011 PLASA Cocktail and Awards Reception the night before the LDI show in Orlando opened.

WINNER:  Disney World of Color
A.C.T. Lighting, Christie, Clear-Com, Fisher Technical Services, Green Hippo, IATSE Local 33, MA Lighting International, Meyer Sound Laboratories, PRG, Syncrolite, TMB, Walt Disney Parks and Creative Entertainment

"The Disney World of Color attraction at Disney's California Adventure park was unveiled to the world in June 2010 after three years of development and construction. Walt Disney parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment worked with fellow PLASA members to create a 'nighttime water spectacular' that synchronizes elements of water, color, fire, light, projection, and music to dizzying effect.

The attraction boasts an astounding collection of equipment and machinery. 1,200 water fountains each equipped with an LED light ring, shoot water 200 feet into the air. Images from the Disney canon are projected onto a 380-foot long mist screen. Fire nozzles shoot flames 50 feet into the air, and telescopic masts rise from the water - each supporting domes filled with lighting and video effects. Fog, lasers, searchlights, and light towers circling Paradise Bay round out the spectacle."  - excerpted from Lighting and Sound America. 

Congratulations to Disney World of Color and all those that participated in this extraordinary application!

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