January 30, 2013

Our Cambridge Office has a New Home

On January 18th, our Cambridge office moved to a new location, right down the road from the old location. Luckily, we didn't have to move far, because it was snowing! Despite the cold, everyone pitched in to help move boxes and equipment so that we could get back to work quickly. Here's a little behind the scenes from our move:

Packing up the totes
Packing up the conference rooms
Packing up the cubicles
More packing.....
Totes are all packed up
The office is almost empty now....
Just a few more things left to pack
Break time! Well, a break from the moving......
Empty racks
Empty shelves

Now that we are all packed, it's time to move to the new place and start unpacking! The new desks were in their places and everything was ready to be organized in it's new home. Let the unpacking begin......

These shelves won't be empty for long
New desk area
The racks are ready for gear

Let the unpacking begin!
New testing area
Time for some tea
New conference room
Breakroom and kitchen area
More desk areas
Lots of windows!
The totes are almost empty
Our new Clear-Com sign!
Getting organized
That's a lot of bubble wrap!
Busy, busy, busy
Plugging everything in
It's all coming together now!
Desks are unpacked
Just a few more totes to go....
See? Sometimes moving can be fun!
We'd like to thank everyone involved with the Cambridge office move. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused during this transitional period during the move. It was a huge undertaking in just a few short days. We're now back up an running and ready to serve you! We hope to give you a chance to tour our new facilities soon!

2000 Beach Drive
Cambridge Research Park
Cambridge CB25 9TE
United Kingdom

Phone and email addresses remain the same.

January 18, 2013

Clear-Com Technology Milestones

1972 Clear-Com’s first analog partyline was available to the market.

1981 Clear-Com debuted the first SB8 switchboard.

1992 Matrix I was first introduced to the market.

1996 Clear-Com Vega received the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for the development in Broadcast wireless microphone.   

2004 Eclipse v1.0 was released.

2007 Clear-Com unveiled its line of 30+ Encore analog partyline systems.

2009 Tempest wireless intercom was launched and I.V.Core Intercom-over-IP technology was developed.

2011 Clear-Com won the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for invention of the distributed wired beltpack.
2012 Clear-Com released HelixNet Partyline, the first digital partyline system, on the HelixNet networked intercom platform.

January 17, 2013

HelixNet Partyline Tip

Here’s a handy tip for the standard pinout to use when using CAT5 cable with XLR connectors for HelixNet Partyline:

Orange & Orange/White (RJ45 2 & 1) – Ground
Green, Green/White, & Brown/White (RJ45 6, 3 & 7) - PWR +ve 30v & Digital Audio
Blue, Blue/White & Brown (RJ45 4, 5 & 8) - PWR-ve 30v & Digital Audio

*Note: If you are using CAT5E cable, then put the screen of the cable to the XLR chassis.

January 11, 2013

The Granddaddy of Them All

Photo Credit: bleacherreport.com
Photo Credit: CNN.com
ESPN expanded its surround audio capabilities at the 2013 Rose Bowl and the BCS National Championships Game to further enhance the viewer experience. Learned what systems the company acquired and what the staff did to make viewers feel like they are actually at the event.

Read the full article here:
The Granddaddy of Them All, BCS Title Game Get More Sound Than You Can Shake A Stick At

January 9, 2013

Build a Footswitch for a PTT Pedal to Use with a V-Series Panel

See notes in the Eclipse matrix V-Series user panel manual in section 4-10.

Above is the female DB-25 on the back of the V-Series panel.
Get a DB-25 Male connector to connect to the V-Series panel’s DB-25 female. See the pinout above and the description below.

Jump pins 9 and 10 together.
Connect pins 21 and 22 to the (+) and (-) legs of the switch.

In ECS, highlight the port with the V-Series panel you wish to control with the footswitch. In the LOGIC INPUTS category, change the LOGIC INPUT 1’s function from “NO FUNCTION” to “PTT: Activate all Talk keys”.

Apply the changes from ECS to the matrix. Now, on the V-Series panel, activate all talk keys you’d like to be speaking on. When you push down on the footswitch, the MIC ON light will come on, activating the microphone. When not pressed, even though the talk paths are open, the mic is not passing audio. It will only pass the mic’s audio when the footswitch is engaged.
Learn more cool tips and tricks from Clear-Com's Solution Finder.


January 3, 2013

December 2012 Tradeshow Wrap-Up

I/ITSEC (December 3-6 / Orlando, FL)

The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) promotes cooperation among the armed services, industry, academia and various government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs, identification of common training issues and development of multiservice programs. Approximately 7,500 attendees went to the conference to find the resources for adapting to the new tasks and threats of tomorrow.

Clear-Com (Booth #2826) exhibited a wide portfolio of intercom solutions, including Eclipse matrix systems, Tempest2400 wireless intercoms, and Encore partyline systems.

SVG League Technology Summit (December 10-11 / New York, NY)

Photo Credit: sportsvideo.org

More than 900 industry professionals convened at the New York Hilton Hotel for SVG’s League Technology Summit to discuss the latest innovations in sports production.

ESPN executive chairman George Bodenheimer and former Fox Sports Media Group vice chairman Ed Goren sat down for an interview with veteran ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap to kick off Day 2. In front of a standing-room-only, record-setting LTS crowd, Bodenheimer and Goren had a chance to reflect on their successful careers and how technology has impacted their companies and the business as a whole.

Tuesday’s panel discussions and networking opportunities followed a full Monday of workshops, meetings, and networking reception.

Clear-Com demonstrated Concert for Newsroom at SVG's technology showcase. Concert for Newsroom is an integrated communications and collaboration solution for ENPS newsroom members such as producers, editors and journalists to initiate user-to-user calls, group conferencing and instant text chats directly from the ENPS application.