January 31, 2012

Wrap-Up of January Tradeshows

Featured Event:

West 2012 (January 24th -26th)
The West 2012 show is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute. It is the largest event on the west coast for communications, intelligence, military weapon systems, aviation, shipbuilding, and more. West was held at the San Diego Convention Center and brought in speakers including VADM William E. Gortney and ADM Mike Mullens. It was well attended by military, government, industry and academic professionals from aviation, IT, public safety, communications, command and control and more.
Clear-Com demonstrated the Eclipse-Median and Pico digital matrix systems along with V-Series user control panels and the Tempest wireless intercoms at Booth 1349.  

Other Events
MCI Open House (January 26th)
Clear-Com exhibited in Booth 3.37/3 at the MCI Open House event in Hamburg, Germany.

Dynamic Events (January 30th)
Dynamic Events is an international conference for the event production industry held at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, UK. The conference focused on ceremonies held at the summer and winter Olympics while drawing on experiences from the World Cups, Super Bowls, and more.  Discussion was focused on technology and the utilization of equipment in those environments. Dynamic Events brought in professionals from lighting, sound, video technology, staging and the entertainment market. Clear-Com also participated in the event and showcased their systems as a well-known provider of intercoms for these types of international ceremonies.

January 27, 2012

Friday Fun: We're Going to 11

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen or heard of the 1984 movie: This is Spinal Tap. The mockumentary of the great rock band Spinal Tap attempting an American comeback tour. It's a music movie classic. And if you haven't seen it, it's definitely a must-see.

Anyone that plays an instrument is probably familiar with amps maxing at level 10. In this clip, Nigel is showing off his gear and explains how his unique amp "goes to 11":

But have you seen this fantastic LEGO version?! Tell me....how awesome is this?

January 24, 2012

Partner Spotlight: Delta Sound

Delta Sound, a Clear-Com distributor, offers unparalleled quality of service and support across its range of services, including sound design, equipment rental, equipment sales and communication systems.

Their designers and technical staff have extensive experience in the television, theatre, corporate and music markets. Moreover, Delta Sound has helped clients such as Metallica, Britain’s Got Talent, and the Royal Wedding turn their ambitious productions into a reality. 

In the article, It's good to talk, in the Pro Audio Middle East's January-February 2012 issue, Andy Jackson, Director of Delta Sound in Dubai, discusses the importance of communication systems even though it is one of the most overlooked aspects of a show. (See article below.)

Although intercom systems are often unappreciated, especially when they operate well, people will realize that they are one of the most vital pieces to a production once they don't have them or if they stopped working. In fact, since Delta Sound recognizes its importance, the company has recently launched a separate communications department. They have also acquired more Clear-Com systems, such as the Eclipse digital matrix and Tempest, to offer a broader portfolio of products to meet their customer needs. (For more information: Delta Sound adds to Clear-Com inventory)

By having communications as a separate business line, another audio supplier can be working on event while Delta Sound can just address the communications side. Overall,  Jackson sums it up when he says, "Comms may not be a business line with the fastest return on investment, but the need will always be there. The potential this area offers should make an attractive vertical market and provide several companies with the opportunity to take a share of the spend from large events."

The full article can be found in Pro Audio Middle East's January-February 2012 issue.

Credit: Pro Audio Middle East

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Tel: +44 (0)20 8339 3800
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January 17, 2012

Leading University Sector College Gains a Competitive Advantage

Photo Credit: Ravensbourne

Ravensbourne, a leading‐edge university sector college in London, United Kingdom, is internationally recognized for their high calibre of digital media and design as well as television and broadcasting.

Establishing differentiation from other educational institutions was a strategic priority for Ravensboune, prompting them to move and construct a £70 million campus at the Greenwich Peninsula.With their transition to Greenwich, they now had the opportunity to think bigger than ever before and choose future‐proof technologies that would deliver high performance.

Business Challenges
  • Prepare students for real‐life broadcasting
  • Create productions of the highest quality
  • Maximize investments
  • Lead as a future‐facing university
Intercom Solution
  • Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix
  • Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS)
  • 7 V-Series 12 lever‐key panels
  • 3 V-Series 24 pushbutton key panels
  • Tempest2400 wireless base station with 4 wireless beltpacks
  • 25 Concert intercom-over-IP software licenses
  • Clear‐Com headsets and interfaces
Business Results
  • Students equipped for workforce
  • Value‐added systems yield higher productivity
  • Positive returns on investment
  • Ravensbourne drives forefront of broadcast

Read full case study here >> Leading University Sector College Gains a Competitive Advantage

January 13, 2012

Friday Fun: Happy Friggatriskaidekaphobia Day!

Happy Friggatriskaidekaphobia Day!!

That's right, today is Friday the 13th. The day superstitious people fear the most. I'm sure you've heard of some of the most common superstitions: don't walk under ladders, don't let a black cat cross your path, if you spill salt you have to throw it over your left shoulder, etc. But what about other superstitions?

Because this blog focuses on audio and today is Friday the 13th, I thought it would be fun to see if there were some auditory rules to this superstition stuff.

Here's what I found:

  • the sound of a bell drives away demons because they don't like the loud noise. However, to coin that famous holiday movie, when a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings.
  • if you hear a dog howling in the night when someone in the house is sick, it's a bad omen.
  • if you sing before seven, you will cry before eleven
  • A dog that howls on New Year's Eve will go crazy before the end of the year.
  • Don't look back if you hear footsteps behind you. It could be death.
What are some of you favorite superstitions?

January 6, 2012

Friday Fun: Evolution of Audio

History is a funny thing. It's made up of all these events that create innovations that become staples in our everyday, present life. Like light bulbs, automobiles, cell phones, iPods...... I mean, what would we DO without these things?

And then I stumbled upon this: an audio timeline. Boy, have we come a long way from Liquid Transmitters and Shellac Discs.....I wonder what new gadgets we'll be using in the next 100 years. Any guesses?

Source: www.mrpophistory.com

January 3, 2012

Internal Communication Systems for Maritime Operations

Crew personnel on vessels or offshore environments require effective internal communication systems to ensure both staff safety and operational success.

Reliable communication is essential for offshore activities such as coordinating bell dives, the lifting or lowering of ROVs, or alerting and engaging ship-wide personnel in critical procedures. These kinds of demanding responsibilities involving different functional teams require rapid communications and a high level of cooperation in order to get the job done. Inflexible systems and push-to-talk handsets are often not capable to meet these requirements. Intercom systems, such as Clear-Com, ensures staff safety, communication security and workflow efficiency.

Promoting Safety
Highly audible messages are delivered at an ultra-fast, sub-millisecond speed. Noise from the surrounding environment can be blocked out with noise-cancellation capabilities to ensure every instruction or announcement is clearly heard.

Maintaining Privacy
Talkback systems are closed circuit systems that safeguard sensitive and confidential conversations. Multiple line systems provide users with the option of setting up private conversations with individual users on assigned channels and/or calls with different groups of users that have common job functions on alternative lines.

Yielding Efficiency
Crew members need to be well coordinated in order to perform complex jobs with a high degree of intricacy. These types of tasks require a wired and/or wireless communication system that switched on so that they can instantly respond to given instructions at any moment.

To learn more about how intercom systems are used in offshore vessels, take a look at this brochure: Internal Communication Systems for Maritime Operations