January 3, 2012

Internal Communication Systems for Maritime Operations

Crew personnel on vessels or offshore environments require effective internal communication systems to ensure both staff safety and operational success.

Reliable communication is essential for offshore activities such as coordinating bell dives, the lifting or lowering of ROVs, or alerting and engaging ship-wide personnel in critical procedures. These kinds of demanding responsibilities involving different functional teams require rapid communications and a high level of cooperation in order to get the job done. Inflexible systems and push-to-talk handsets are often not capable to meet these requirements. Intercom systems, such as Clear-Com, ensures staff safety, communication security and workflow efficiency.

Promoting Safety
Highly audible messages are delivered at an ultra-fast, sub-millisecond speed. Noise from the surrounding environment can be blocked out with noise-cancellation capabilities to ensure every instruction or announcement is clearly heard.

Maintaining Privacy
Talkback systems are closed circuit systems that safeguard sensitive and confidential conversations. Multiple line systems provide users with the option of setting up private conversations with individual users on assigned channels and/or calls with different groups of users that have common job functions on alternative lines.

Yielding Efficiency
Crew members need to be well coordinated in order to perform complex jobs with a high degree of intricacy. These types of tasks require a wired and/or wireless communication system that switched on so that they can instantly respond to given instructions at any moment.

To learn more about how intercom systems are used in offshore vessels, take a look at this brochure: Internal Communication Systems for Maritime Operations

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