June 26, 2014

Willow Creek Community Church: Clear-Communications with Clear-Com

Photo Credit: Willowcreek.org

In Technologies for Worship Magazine, Matthew Wentz, the Audio Systems Engineer for Willow Creek Community Church, writes about the importance of Clear-Com’s communication systems for his community.

Wentz states, “At Willow Creek, communication is key for our services to run smooth. At any given time, up to 40 stations could be used with both staff and volunteers operating these units. We use a combination of Clear-Com’s I-Series and V-Series, along with their CellCom beltpacks. We also have an analog partyline backbone that was moved over when our main auditorium was built in 2004. The backend of the system is an Eclipse-Median frame which allows us great flexibility. This flexibility comes with the availability of their interface cards and modules, which allows us to connect our I-Series panels, our v-station panels, and our analog partylines all into one unit.”

Read the full story on page 29-30 of TFWM – Willow Creek Community Church: Clear-Communications with Clear-Com

June 16, 2014

Clear-Com Achieves Blanket Coverage at World Cup Stadia

Photo Credit: Goal.com
Clear-Com will be used at all 12 World Cup venues – ranging from the smallest, Arena da Baixada, with 37,634 seats, right up to the largest, MaracanĂ£, with a seated capacity of 37,634. Its communications technology will be interconnected via IVC-32 and VoICE units. 

Read the full story on SVG Europe: Audio@WorldCup: Clear-Com achieves blanket coverage at World Cup stadia

June 12, 2014

Help Save Sound Design Tony Award Categories - Sign Petition

For the past 68 years, the Tony Awards have recognized the best of the best in live Broadway theater. The Tony Awards is theater's equivalent to the Academy Awards for film, the Grammy Awards for music or the Emmy Awards for television. 

In 2008, the Tony Administration awarded the first Tony Awards for Best Sound Design of a Play and Best Sound Design of a Musical. These awards honor the work of acoustic designers who do more than just turn on talent mics. Sound Design is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating and generating all elements of audio. Effective sound design of a live performance helps evoke emotion, it underscores the action and it reflects the overall mood of what is happening on stage. 

On Wednesday, June 11th, 2014, the Tony Awards Administration Committee passed a vote to eliminate both Sound Design of a Play and Sound Design of a Musical for the competitive award categories, beginning with the 2014-2015 season. Instead, they may award a Special Tony Award to a production when they have determined that extraordinary sound design has been achieved. 

The announcement that the Sound Design awards were to be eliminated, a mere 6 years after its inception, sent ripples throughout the sound designer community. Within hours, veteran Broadway Sound Designer and Composer, John Gromada, launched an online petition to gather signatures to reinstate the Sound Design awards.

Click HERE to sign the petition to reinstate the Sound Design Tony Awards

>>Tony Awards Committee Mutes Sound Honors
>>Tony Awards Administration Committee Determines 2014-15 Eligibility Rules; Sound Design Categories Eliminated

June 5, 2014

Everett High School Relies on Clear-Com

In January 2014, Everett High School won a full Clear-Com system (Encore analog partyline main station, five special edition RS-701 analog partyline beltpacks, and six headsets) in Clear-Com's Your Voice, Your School video contest. See the difference that Clear-Com has made in the school's productions in the video below!

June 3, 2014

Clear-Com Interview at NAB Show StudioXperience (Video)

In an interview from the 2014 NAB Show StudioXperience, our Clear-Com President, Bob Boster, speaks with Steve Waskul about delivering communication tools to professionals for a wide range of activities. He discusses the history and development of Clear-Com as well as our current communication offerings and how our systems are being used. He also covers several important announcements that were made at the NAB Show, including the news about the award winning HelixNet® Partyline intercoms and ProGridTM.

Watch the full interview here: Clear-Com Interview at NAB Show StudioXperience