May 31, 2013

Clear-Com Summer Promotion for Customers

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In celebration of the upcoming summer season, we are offering three exclusive promotions on select Clear-Com products for our loyal customers like you. Save money on the products you use most. 

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May 29, 2013

May 2013 Trade Show Wrap-Up

Clear-Com showcased its latest intercom systems, including the Tempest2400 wireless intercom with Seamless Roaming, Eclipse HX matrix intercoms and HelixNet Partyline, at several trade shows in the month of May 2013. They included the Alliance for Community Media Conference, Guru's of Technology, AVM, JAG/ACM Power of Partners, the Duncan Video Spring Technology Showcase, and G&G Technologies Broadcaster Show.

Here are some photos and a video from the events:

G&G Technologies Broadcaster Show
(May 8, 2013 / Saddlebrook, NJ) 
The event featured the newest products that were unveiled at the 2013 NAB Show. Read the full article to learn what Clear-Com showed: Clear-Com Exhibits the HME DX210 at G&G's Broadcasters Show
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JAG/ACM Power of Partners ERCMC 
(May 15-17, 2013 / New Brunswick, NJ)
Over 60 exhibitors presented technology focused on the needs of PEG stations, system integrators, and content providers.

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Duncan Video Spring Technology Showcase
(May 20-21, 2013 /  Carmel, Indiana)

Guru's of Technology
(May 21-22, 2013 / South Barrington, IL)
At the Guru's of Technology exhibition, Todd Elliot, the Technical Arts Director at Willow Creek Community Church, discussed the advantages of attending the conference, the reasons for why he got into production and importance of investing in volunteers in the production team. Watch the video here:

May 28, 2013

Clear-Com Spotlight on New Partner: Gobos do Brazil

A passion for professional audio is at the heart of Gobos do Brazil. It is no wonder that the company has recently partnered with Clear-Com as one of its distributors. Gobos do Brazil has a keen understanding of the excellence demanded by Brazilian lighting, sound and video projection professionals. That's why it offers products and services of such high quality and are always investing in innovation. The company supplies Clear-Com's Encore Partyline, HelixNet Partyline, Concert, and VoICE 2.0/SOFT-VoICE. It also provides the Tempest2400, HME DX Series, and HME PRO850 wireless intercoms.

Learn more:
Gobos do Brazil passa a representar a Clear-Com

Watch the company's corporate video to get an inside look at its operations:

Gobos do Brasil Contact Information:

Rua Chile, 680 - Taboão - CEP 09668-100
São Bernardo do Campo - SP - Brazil
Tel: 55 11 4368.8291


May 21, 2013

Spot Clear-Com on Iron Man 3 and WIN!

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How many of you have seen the recent movie Iron Man 3? If not, make sure to go to your local theater to watch it. Our Clear-Com intercom systems are actually being featured on the big screen! Win a free Clear-Com t-shirt by being the first to correctly comment on this blog post with the following:

1. Supply the correct product family name of the Clear-Com intercom system in the movie (Clear-Com product families:
2. Briefly describe the movie scene where you've spotted Clear-Com
3. Your email address (so that we can contact you if you've won)

May 15, 2013

Intercoms and Talkbacks

David Kirk in InBroadcast informs us, "Intercoms and talkbacks are among the most important elements of any studio activity, converting disparate members of a production crew into a single team." 

Learn about the latest developments in these categories by Audio Ltd, Broadcast Bionics, Clear-Com, CTP Systems and more in this article: Intercoms and Talkbacks

May 13, 2013

Super Bowl Audio Crew Gets Wireless Assist

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FOH Online says that "Professional Wireless Systems (PWS), which has assisted the audio crew for 17 consecutive Super Bowl championships, once again partnered with ATK Audiotek and Versacom for the big game between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers in the New Orleans Superdome on Feb. 3." Clear-Com's HME Pro850 wireless intercoms actually played a part to ensure an interference-free show and that all activities went as planned. Read the full article here: Super Bowl Audio Crew Gets Another Wireless Assist from PWS

May 10, 2013

Clear-Com Exhibits the HME DX210 at G&G's Broadcasters Show

On May 8th, Clear-Com exhibited its HME DX210 wireless intercom system at the G&G Technologies Broadcaster Show. Read more about it: Clear-Com Exhibits the HME DX210 at G&G's Broadcasters Show

For more information: 
G&G Technologies
Located in northern New Jersey, G&G Technologies is a sales company that specializes in professional video and audio equipment and related products. The company's extensive product lines, friendly knowledgeable sales staff, and competitive pricing make G&G the choice of professional videographers worldwide.

Clear-Com's HME DX210

The HME DX210 offers the perfect blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions.

May 9, 2013

Top Five Love Languages for Techies

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Mike Sessler, the technical director at Coast Hills Community Church, shares in Church Production Magazine about the top five love languages for techies. Learn how to love your tech crew better with words of affirmation, being on time, providing decent swag, carrying out acts of load in/load out, and giving food. Here's the full article: Top 5 Love Languages for Techies

May 2, 2013

John Lennon Bus Coordinates Live Broadcasts with Clear-Com at SXSW 2013

Were you at the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference & Festival? It's an engaging music and film event attracting over 32,000 attendees from all over. If you missed out, catch up here: SXSW@lennonbus

At the event, the crew from the John Lennon Bus interviewed a variety of artists and well-known guests on the vehicle. These interviews were shown live over the internet via satellite. Clear-Com's HME DX210 two-channel wireless intercom system played a critical role in making the productions possible.

Watch the full video here to learn more about their live broadcast production at SXSW 2013:

 For more information, click below:
John Lennon Bus 
SXSW 2013

May 1, 2013

NAB 2013 Highlights

There was a lot of activitiy at the Clear-Com booth this year. If you didn't get a chance to stop by our booth, here are some key highlights on our products:

New Products at NAB 2013 
Eclipse HX Matrix Family, featuring NEW HX-Delta
The Eclipse HX systems offer a wide range of powerful matrix frames that are perfect for dynamic productions, enabling users to rapidly execute system changes and easily manage the configuration software. The new Eclipse HX-Delta matrix system is a cost-effective, 3RU intercom solution that can be conveniently installed in places where space is limited or throughout a multi-level studio facility. This infrastructure permits shorter cable runs and puts users closer to their intercoms.

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HelixNet Partyline with Linking
With cabling simplicity, high channel density, and network capabilities, HelixNet Partyline is the leading digital partyline intercom for productions requiring quick set-up and multiple channels of intercom. The new HelixNet Partyline v1.1 enables linking between HelixNet systems to extend digital partyline communications to multiple sites over fiber or LAN, eliminating the need for long cable runs. Up to 20 audio channels, five program audio feeds and power for beltpacks are supported over a single shielded twisted-pair cable.

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Concert v2.7
Clear-Com Concert is a secure and scalable solution for providing high-quality voice communication within a single venue or between multi-site facilities over an IP infrastructure. The new software upgrade to Concert v2.7 enables an unlimited number of remote Interface Gateway servers and allows the ability to seamlessly integrate external audio sources, such as Clear-Com equipment or other third-party analog equipment. Concert v2.7 also offers improvements in the web-based management interface, making the system even more user-friendly.

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Tempest Enhancements
Feature-rich wireless intercoms in two or four channel offerings, the 2.4 GHz Tempest2400 and 900 MHz Tempest900 deliver cutting-edge RF technologies to ensure interference-free communications. The Tempest2400's unique Seamless Roaming feature enables continuous wireless coverage across an expanded production space, giving crew members reliable communication in multi-studio and multi-floor facilities. The latest Tempest900 BeltStation is equipped with an advanced Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) to offer more range in wireless coverage. The new Tempest Remote Transceiver Line Extender also increases coverage by extending the systems' cable run distance of a remote antenna by 3,000ft (914m) with one Line Extender or 2,000ft (609m) per Line Extender if using more than one Line Extender. Limit 3 Line Extenders per system.

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