May 2, 2013

John Lennon Bus Coordinates Live Broadcasts with Clear-Com at SXSW 2013

Were you at the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference & Festival? It's an engaging music and film event attracting over 32,000 attendees from all over. If you missed out, catch up here: SXSW@lennonbus

At the event, the crew from the John Lennon Bus interviewed a variety of artists and well-known guests on the vehicle. These interviews were shown live over the internet via satellite. Clear-Com's HME DX210 two-channel wireless intercom system played a critical role in making the productions possible.

Watch the full video here to learn more about their live broadcast production at SXSW 2013:

 For more information, click below:
John Lennon Bus 
SXSW 2013

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