October 28, 2011

Friday Fun: Happy Halloween!

I'm sure that if you've been on Facebook or YouTube recently, you've seen this already. But if not, check out this rockin' Halloween light show featuring LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem. Quite the impressive production.....

Happy Halloween!!

Photo Credit: YouTube

October 27, 2011

Larry Estrin Talks About the Importance of Frequency Coordination at AES in New York

Larry Estrin
Larry Estrin, Strategic Technology Consultant for Clear-Com, attended AES in New York last week to chair a seminar discussing the coordination and planning of license-free RF spectrum devices for events and installations. With the increase of license-free devices using the Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz spectrum flooding the industry, there is a need for some frequency coordination to avoid interference with all of these devices. This panel discussed how coordination and spectrum management technologies can allow all devices to work without interfering with each other within current and future spectrum usage.

Back in August, Broadcast Engineering published an article written by Larry on this very same topic. In it, he talks about how the term license-free is often misperceived to mean that interference is impossible. The reality is that frequency coordination is needed to allow the maximum use of as many devices as possible without interfering with each other.

Human Element is Key:

Not only do you have production equipment on a single frequency, add in the tens of thousands of handheld devices (ie smartphones, etc.) of the spectators and you have no control over interference issues. The constant "chatter" these devices create raise the noise floor of the spectrum significantly. If you take these issues into consideration and communicate the potential issues and workarounds with all technicians, event vendors, participants, venue administration and IT departments ahead of time, you can assure that the proper equipment will be appropriately managed for optimum spectrum coordination.

Bottom line: Frequency coordination is the most effective way to protect yourself from interference.

October 25, 2011

Who hears better?

Photo Credit: dogs.icanhascheezburger.com

Do women or men hear better?

When men and women are born, their hearing abilities are the same. However, a study from John Hopkins University shows that men are five and a half times more likely to experience hearing loss starting from the age of 20. The reason for this is because more men work in loud environments.
When listening, men only use their left side of the brain whereas women use both sides, but with an emphasis on the left. The left side of the brain is associated with listening and speech, but the right side is related to performing music and spatial relationships.
A study with the federal National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reveals that African Americans hear better than Caucasians. Those scientists believe that their large amounts of melanin protect them from noise-induced hearing loss since melanin plays a role in removing harmful chemical compounds in the inner ear.
ABC News
Times Daily

October 21, 2011

Friday Fun: We Want YOU!

Calling all intercom experts!! We're looking for new topics and guest authors! The main purpose of this blog is to share knowledge on the intercom industry. Who knows that industry better than you?

We're looking for the following:
  • general information relating to the intercom industry
  • historical facts of intercom
  • funny or entertaining intercom related stories
  • A day in the life....
  • photos
  • videos
  • anything pertaining to intercom!!

If you have a topic you would like to see featured or you would like to be a guest author, please send an email to intercomexpert@gmail.com. Or, you can always go to the Suggestions Tab at the top of the page to submit topics at any time!  

October 18, 2011

Partner Spotlight: Apex Audio

With extensive experience in live sound engineering, design, and installation,
Apex Audio, one of Clear-Com’s partners in Southern California, always ensures that their customers are getting equipment that is not only relevant to their application, but is also within their budget. Huntington Beach High School selected Apex Audio  to supply them with Clear-Com equipment for their Academy for the Performing Arts program because of their deep-market experience.

Huntington Beach High School's Academy for the Performing Arts program is regarded as one of the top-notch arts educational programs with an ultra-creative and competitive climate, selecting only the best young performers, writers, composers and technicians from across Southern California for intensive training. With a focus on live performance, coursework ranges from theatrical production and design to entertainment technology and music. In fact, their program is so remarkable that they have production equipment that is similar to those installed in, if not better than many colleges and community theaters. Apex Audio provided them with Clear-Com’s Encore partyline systems and Tempest wireless intercoms.

Apex Audio
16371 Gothard Street - Suite D - Huntington Beach, CA 92647
PHONE 714. 596.1185 - FAX 714. 596. 1195

Partner Spotlight: ATG Broadcast

ATG Broadcast, an international systems integrator and Clear-Com partner, works with some of the world’s largest broadcast networks in large-scale installations from pre-build to completion. They recently assisted Associated Press London in their facility upgrade in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games. Associated Press London selected Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median digital matrix along with two IVC-32 cards, five Concert intercom-over-IP licenses, VoICE 2.0 interfaces and 51 IP-enabled V-Series user control panels. These systems linked all of their bureaus over IP.

Because of the high performance of Clear-Com's intercom systems, an increasing number of Associated Press offices are turning to Clear-Com, including two locations in the United States as well as Baghdad.

ATG Broadcast Ltd.
Unit 1, Iceni Court
Icknield Way
Hertfordshire SG6 1TN

Office: + 44 (0)1462 485 444
Fax   : + 44 (0)1462 485 777

E-Mail : info@atgbroadcast.co.uk
Website: www.atgbroadcast.co.uk

October 17, 2011

Partner Spotlight: Matsuda Trading Co., Ltd (MTC)

Founded in May 1979, Matsuda Trading Co., Ltd (MTC) has been a leading provider of system solutions for the broadcast, telecommunications, and music industries. Postured as a future-facing business, MTC is known for their responsiveness to customer needs and stand at the forefront of supplying the most innovative technologies.

As experts in sound reinforcement for theaters and special events as well as sound systems for convention centers and theme parks, they provide complete systems design, engineering, and installation for broadcast, commercial audio/video, and conferencing.  Moreover, they are strong advocates of social responsibility by improving environmental management systems and educating employees in environmental policies.

As one of Clear-Com’s dedicated partners, we would like to highlight one of MTC’s most recent and outstanding installations for WOWOW TV, one of the first private satellite broadcasting television stations in Japan. In addition to securing an Eclipse-Median, WOWOW TV acquired over sixty V-Series IP-enabled panels and two IVC-32 cards for IP communications capability.

〒 107-0062
 No. 15, No. 3, 3-chome Minato-ku, Minami Aoyama, Tokyo
 TEL.03-5413-4611 FAX.03-5413-4618

October 14, 2011

Partner Spotlight: SOVICO Corporation

SOVICO Corporation, Clear-Com’s long-standing distributor in Korea, is a leading professional audio company committed to supplying excellent technologies to enhance their customer’s quality of life. Not only has the company been recognized by the Korean audio market for the high quality of their top-brand products, but the business has received multiple awards for the civic and cultural contributions they have made in society.

Some of their recent Clear-Com installations include the following:
  • Motor Boat Racing TV acquired Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Pico and V-Series panels to connect members of their production team.
SOVICO, 1027-5 Bangbae-3dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL : 82-2-2106-2800
FAX : 82-2-588-3964(Sales), 82-2-2106-2906(R&D),
 82-2-587-7337(Admin), 82-2-586-3721(Overseas Purcharing)

Friday Fun: IronMan Results!

Did you follow Clear-Com's IronMan Barthelemy Rolet, last Saturday live as he competed in the Ford IronMan World Championship? Well, it was a sight to see! He crossed the finish line at an AMAZING time of 9 hours and 54 minutes! He placed 398 out of a total 1,800 competitors!

2.4 Mile Swim: 1:12:11
112 Mile Bike: 5:00:23
26.2 Mile Run: 3:35:31
Overall Time: 9:54:09
Congratulations Bart! That is definitely something to be proud of! I know we are here at Clear-Com!

The above photos and more can be found here, courtesy of FinisherPix.com: http://www.finisherpix.com/search.html?&pcevent=0042&bib=1505

October 13, 2011

Partner Spotlight: Savana Comunicações Ltda

Photo Credit: digitalproductionme.com
Savana Comunicações Ltda, Clear-Com’s exclusive distributor in Brazil, has successfully advised, provided and installed Clear-Com's intercom systems in many high-profile television stations. Not only are they known for their expertise in critical voice communication applications, but they are renowned for their exceptional customer service.

Clear-Com would like to highlight some of Savana Comunicações Ltda's most recent end user installations:

TV Alianca Paulista
After TV Alianca Paulista, a media outlet in São Paulo, inaugurated a new TV station in Bauru, they chose Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Pico, V-Series Panels, IVC-32 card, and Voice interface frame to link three television stations and 10 affiliates via IP connection. This eliminated their constant reliance on phones and significantly cut down on communication costs.

Broadcasting Televisão Ltda., a leading service provider specializing in capturing and transmitting multimedia content, utilized Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median, IVC-32 IP connection card, and V-Series control panels in its OB van to coordinate the broadcast of Miss Universe 2011, the most acclaimed international beauty competition for high-achieving women.

TV Gazeta Canal 11-Fundacao Casper Libero
TV Gazeta Canal 11-Fundacao Casper Libero is a television channel broadcasting in San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte Cuiaba. In addition to replacing all their existing systems with high definition technologies, they purchased Clear-Com’s intercom systems to interconnect their headquarters with their affiliate sites.

Savana Comunicações Ltda
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 547 Gr 419
CEP 22415-900
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

tel (21)2512-9888
fax (21)2511-0190

October 11, 2011

Entertainment Team Champions Technology for World’s Largest Cruise Line

Oasis of the Seas, the largest and most elaborate cruise line of Royal Caribbean International, depends on Clear‐Com’s Eclipse‐Pico digital matrix, Encore partyline, HME DX200 and FreeSpeak wireless system for clear communications as well as efficient and wide collaboration during broadcast and live productions.
Oasis of the Seas, which is one of the world’s largest cruise ships, spans 16 decks and can carry over 6,000 guests along with 2,394 crew members. Not only was Oasis of the Seas the first of Royal Caribbean’s ships with an Aqua Theater and carousel, but it was the first to implement the idea of seven distinct themed areas. This impressive cruise line had more theaters than former builds and the physical size of each theater was larger and staffed by more personnel than ever before. Accordingly, their Entertainment and Technical Design Team wanted to maximize their communications technology so that guests can receive the very best on‐board entertainment.

The Clear-Com Intercom Solution
·         UHF wireless beltpacks in former ship builds were subject to interference, hampering information exchange. Freespeak digital wireless beltpacks delivered clear audio quality for faster response to shifting demands. 
·         Production team must coordinate across multiple production venues. Since all intercoms through the ship are integrated to the Eclipse digital matrix, they can converse anywhere, enabling wider collaboration.
·         The larger, highly sophisticated shows required robust systems with expanded functions. Feature-rich V-Series intercom panels and beltpacks with customized channels dramatically increased efficiency and production capability.

Read full case study here >> Entertainment Team Champions Technology for World’s Largest Cruise Line

October 7, 2011

Friday Fun: Clear-Com's IronMan

Did you know that Clear-Com has our very own IronMan?

Photo Source: Barthelemy Rolet

Barthelemy Rolet, Clear-Com's Senior Software Engineer based in our Canada office, is currently in the sunny, sandy state of Hawaii getting ready for the Ford IronMan World Championship. He will be one of 1,800 athletes competing this Saturday, October 8th, beginning at 7:00AM Hawaiian time. See? He's already enjoying the sandy beaches!!

What is the Ford IronMan World Competition?

Photo Source: www.ironmanworldchampionship.com

IronMan is a race consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon 26.2 mile run....all in one day. What's special about this particular IronMan is that it's an Olympic Event for IronMan, meaning only the elite of the elite are qualified to compete. This is a televised event and will have live coverage on the IronMan website.

Competing in an Ironman competition is no small feat. Bart has been training hard over many months (years even!) in preparation. He's competed in both the Boston and New York marathons, various triathlons, and not to mention, this is NOT his first IronMan. In fact, he is head coach to a 150-person triathlon club, Les Chickens.

Follow our IronMan, Barthelemy Rolet, throughout tomorrow's competition and help us cheer him on! We'll post his results and photos soon after the event, so be sure to check back to see how he did!

>>To follow Bart throughout the race live, please visit www.ironmanworldchampionship.com. Bart is Bib # 1505.

>>To follow Bart's Les Chickens Triathlon Club blog, please visit www.bartcoaching.wordpress.com.

Good Luck Bart!! "Anything is Possible®"

October 5, 2011

Are you in Broadcasting? Check out Clear-Com's Concert for Newsrooms!

Are you a journalist? An editor? A producer? A director?

Two technologies have merged together to create a one-of-a-kind tool that can simplify newsroom operations. This tool allows collaborative workgroups and news teams to instantly and reliably communicate using intercom-over-IP without the need for dedicated hardware.

I bet you're asking yourself: But......HOW??

With Concert for Newsrooms, of course!

Clear-Com Concert now seamlessly integrates within the Associated Press ENPS News Production System. Clear-Com and AP have teamed up to provide a simple tool to streamline communication efforts in the fast-paced world of broadcast news.

That's how!

October 4, 2011

Wrap-Up of September Tradeshows: IBC and PLASA

IBC (September 10th-14th)

The IBC 2011 exhibition was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This event was designed for professionals involved in the creation, management and delivery of broadcast media and entertainment. With over 50,460 visitors from all over the world, this
year’s tradeshow set a new record for attendance.

Matt Danilowicz, President of Clear-Com, is featured by Medien Bulletin, discussing Clear-Com’s extensive range of new product offerings. They include the Tempest2400 2.4 GHz wireless intercom, HME DX210 wireless system, Optocore interfaces, and Concert for Newsroom, an IP-based, software intercom solution designed for newsroom members.

Additionally, Bob Boster explains the features and application of Concert for Newsroom on TVBay’s BroadcastShow.

PLASA  (September 11th -14th)

Demonstrating the latest innovations from the leading audio and lighting manufacturers and more, PLASA draws over 12,000 creative and technical professionals to their exhibition at Earls Court in London, United Kingdom. Clear-Com showcased its HME DX210 and Eclipse Digital Matrix System Version 5.2 with Optocore interfaces.


October 3, 2011

Video Production of Surgeries

APPLICATION: A medical university’s production team and surgeons need to tape live surgeries. Videos are used for teaching purposes.
PRODUCT MUST:  Easy to use and reliable wired intercom system with comprehensive features for group communications.
SOLUTION: Five Encore partyline intercom systems and a speaker station are installed in the control room. The AV Technical Team and Video Engineers are situated in the production studio. They need to communicate with the camera operators in the procedure room and the surgical directors in the hotel. The surgical directors oversee the switcher with a control to change videos on the screen. They use wired Clear-Com beltpacks and headsets to communicate with one another in creating a production of the live surgeries.  

Application Diagram (Click to Enlarge)
Clear-Com Encore Partyline Systems offer unsurpassed 2-wire group communication capabilities. This platform offers an intuitive plug-and-play design and superior audio clarity with the embedded "Clear-Com Sound".