October 3, 2011

Video Production of Surgeries

APPLICATION: A medical university’s production team and surgeons need to tape live surgeries. Videos are used for teaching purposes.
PRODUCT MUST:  Easy to use and reliable wired intercom system with comprehensive features for group communications.
SOLUTION: Five Encore partyline intercom systems and a speaker station are installed in the control room. The AV Technical Team and Video Engineers are situated in the production studio. They need to communicate with the camera operators in the procedure room and the surgical directors in the hotel. The surgical directors oversee the switcher with a control to change videos on the screen. They use wired Clear-Com beltpacks and headsets to communicate with one another in creating a production of the live surgeries.  

Application Diagram (Click to Enlarge)
Clear-Com Encore Partyline Systems offer unsurpassed 2-wire group communication capabilities. This platform offers an intuitive plug-and-play design and superior audio clarity with the embedded "Clear-Com Sound".

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