October 13, 2011

Partner Spotlight: Savana Comunicações Ltda

Photo Credit: digitalproductionme.com
Savana Comunicações Ltda, Clear-Com’s exclusive distributor in Brazil, has successfully advised, provided and installed Clear-Com's intercom systems in many high-profile television stations. Not only are they known for their expertise in critical voice communication applications, but they are renowned for their exceptional customer service.

Clear-Com would like to highlight some of Savana Comunicações Ltda's most recent end user installations:

TV Alianca Paulista
After TV Alianca Paulista, a media outlet in São Paulo, inaugurated a new TV station in Bauru, they chose Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Pico, V-Series Panels, IVC-32 card, and Voice interface frame to link three television stations and 10 affiliates via IP connection. This eliminated their constant reliance on phones and significantly cut down on communication costs.

Broadcasting Televisão Ltda., a leading service provider specializing in capturing and transmitting multimedia content, utilized Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median, IVC-32 IP connection card, and V-Series control panels in its OB van to coordinate the broadcast of Miss Universe 2011, the most acclaimed international beauty competition for high-achieving women.

TV Gazeta Canal 11-Fundacao Casper Libero
TV Gazeta Canal 11-Fundacao Casper Libero is a television channel broadcasting in San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte Cuiaba. In addition to replacing all their existing systems with high definition technologies, they purchased Clear-Com’s intercom systems to interconnect their headquarters with their affiliate sites.

Savana Comunicações Ltda
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 547 Gr 419
CEP 22415-900
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

tel (21)2512-9888
fax (21)2511-0190

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