November 10, 2011

World‐Class Vessel Maximizes Well Intervention Collaboration

Well Enhancer

Launched in 2009, Well Enhancer is the newest addition to the the Helix Well Ops fleet and specializes in Light Well Intervention operations, supported by saturation diving, along with remote operated vehicles (ROV) and construction services. With over 100 crew members working on the nine decks of the ship and underwater, communications and collaboration are of vital importance for the safety of each individual and successful completion of well intervention procedures.

Intercom Solution
Business Results
Enhanced Cooperation

Crew members can conveniently contact individuals or make vesselwide announcements using any of the speaker stations installed on all nine decks of the ship. They no longer need to waste time going to the PA system to share information with everyone, dispatch foot messengers to find individuals, or experience delays in responses from missed calls. With the push of a key, the Well Enhancer team can now easily and directly reach the point of contact, accelerating decision making, action and completion of the overall operation.

Increased Safety
With the Clear‐Com wired beltpacks, the Diving Support Team is able to safely navigate the deployment of the diving bell because they can clearly hear and follow instructions the first time they are given.

Accelerated Decision Making for Higher Productivity

The divers’ helmets, which have built in microphones and speakers, are linked to the master stations though an umbilical, enabling the divers to correspond with the Dive Supervisor. The Dive Supervisor communicates over a speaker station to direct all the ship’s staff to either move the vessel to reposition the crane or to coordinate the transporting of equipment into and out of the sea. With the intercom systems interconnecting the entire crew and divers, coordination is synchronized. Thus, the vessel and equipment can be securely and quickly moved, saving time and money.

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