November 15, 2011

Why Intercom Systems?

In a day and age where people have access to so many different means of communications from smart phones and two-way radios to online instant messaging and skype, some may wonder why there is still a need for intercom systems. 

Nonetheless, broadcasters, theaters, houses of worship, hospitals, the military and many more industries with critical applications keep turning to intercom systems as their trusted solution for professional voice communications. The intercom users in these markets are often immersed in an evironment with shifting demands, rapid decision making, and for some, even dangerous operations. Therefore, only the most reliable communication technologies are qualified to be used for coordinating the completion of their day to day responsibilities. 

Matt Danilowiczs, Clear-Com's President, identifies the two major strengths of intercom systems:

1. Low-latency: The person receiving information over the intercom system will hear that message instantly since the audio is being transmitted at a sub-millisecond speed.

2. Superb audio quality

Learn more about his explanation through this video:

Click on the photo to watch video. (Photo credit: Youtube)

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