November 18, 2011

Friday Fun: Photo Time!

The audio, the lighting, the cabling, the cueing, the coordination, the long days of back-breaking labor.........

It takes a certain person to be an expert in this field. A person that is often hidden behind stage, in the studio or on the road.

A person like you.

You are one of many hard workers out there that break your back lugging flight cases and laying cable, handle all the stress and pressure of making everything go smoothly, give cues to teams of people, and yet always manage to produce a flawless production.

The internet can get so impersonal.....what with hiding behind computers and all. So, we want to give you YOUR fifteen minutes of fame! 

Take a photo of you hard at work......or hardly working! We'll post 'em here and give you the recognition you deserve! Submit your photos via email ( or you can post them on our Facebook page! Have fun with it and let your true personality shine!!

(but hey, no nudity or non-pc stuff ok? There are some things you just can't UN-SEE. My eyes and the other readers/followers/general public will thank you!)

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