November 17, 2011

Voice Communication Solution Optimizes Work Environment for Rotorcraft Testing Team at NASA

Jacobs Engineering

NASA’s National Full Scale Aerodynamic Complex (NFAC) which is operated by the United States Air Force in Moffett Field, California has the world’s largest and only 80 by 120 feet wind tunnel where engineers perform full-scale rotorcraft testing. The test engineering team, contracted by Jacobs Engineering, requires reliable access to clear communication in
order to successfully coordinate set up and testing in the wind tunnel.

Business Challenges

• Aged intercom system could not provide clear audio in noisy environments
• Limited beltpack capacity decreased productivity
• Lack of full-duplex communication between all test operation areas hampered the highly mobile team
• Trunking radios caused safety hazard

Intercom Solution
• E-Que Card
• CEL-TA active transceiver antennas
• Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS)
• 20 integrated CellCom 1.92-1.93GHz
wireless beltpacks
• 3 V-Series panels
• FOR-22 Radio Interface
• CCI-22 Two-Wire Partyline Interface

Business Results
• 55 users maintain contact with the CellCom wireless beltpacks’ duplex
• Users have volume control to hear better in loud environments
• “Listen Again” technology enables users to replay incoming calls
• Increased wireless coverage extended to blue room and control rooms
• Multichannel functions maximize work efficiency
• Integrated radios eliminates danger and permits adaptability
• Integrated recorder captures all critical information

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