November 11, 2011

Friday Fun: Intercom Game!!

It's game time people!! In this day and age, the internet is a wonderful resource tool. Or a great way to spend some free time....or procrastinate. You pick. With a quick Google search, we found some fun sites to help waste away the time.

"Intercom" Word Fun: Click here to see how many words you can create using just the letters in the word INTERCOM.

Audio Room: Click here to build your own Audio Studio

Build Your Own Soundboard: Click here to add sounds to build your own custom Soundboard

NewsHunter: Click here to chase down the other news van to get the story first

Audio Room Escape: Click here to uncover clues to break you out of the room

Hollywood Tycoon: Click here to build your own movie studio (free trial)

Know of any other fun games? Post them in the comments!

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