March 27, 2011

Application Notes #1102

APPLICATION: A corporate campus needs wireless intercom in 5 seperate locations for production, event and maintenance staff, along with IFB for talent/presenters in the studio and two auditoriums. All five locations must link to a central Master Control room.

PRODUCT MUST: The wireless must work in congested UHF and Wi-Fi environment in a building that is shielded. The Director/TD in the central Master Control must be able to give direction to talent in three of the locations. The Director/TD must be able to switch between locations and/or tie them together instantly.

SOLUTION: Clear-Com's Tempest Digital Wireless Intercom in the five locations and a PiCo 36-port matrix frame with V-Series Panels (user stations).
Several locations had 4-5 wireless users, others had fewer users. Three IFB's were needed at two of the locations. A fiber backbone was used to connect remote locations to the Master Control.

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