June 5, 2012

How'd You Do on that Test and Evaluation?

Vehicles, equipment, personnel and weapons are continuously tested and evaluated under rigorous conditions and in demanding environments to ensure that they have the best capabilities to meet pivotal mission needs for the military, aerospace and government. Here's a sample showing how intercoms are used during test and evaluation:
APPLICATION: Three individuals in the control room must direct three staff members in the mezzanine on certain test and evaluation operations. 

PRODUCT MUST: Wireless intercom is not an option because of security reasons. They needed a low-cost and reliable wired partyline solution that would enable them to stay mobile.  
SOLUTION: Clear-Com's Encore Partyline Intercom allowed all the individuals to coordinate effectively with each other in the two different areas.
Clear-Com Encore Partyline Systems offer unsurpassed 2-wire group communication capabilities. This platform offers an intuitive plug-and-play design and superior audio clarity with the embedded "Clear-Com Sound".

Download Visio/PDF: Application Diagram for Test & Evaluation

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