August 1, 2013

ICON Application: Simultaneous Multi-site Meetings

Today's productions are becoming more complex as facilities need intercom connectivity between multiple locations. It is crucial that the production teams have a seamless connection, whether they are in the same building or in a different country. Clear-Com's ICON Connectivity Solutions help bridge the communication connections, regardless of distance, for any given situation.

Here's a real life example of where ICON can help:

A Clear-Com user asks "We have corporate offices in San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo, and every month we hold simultaneous multi-site meetings. How can we connect all of our locations?"

Clear-Com Concert Server
Answer: If you already have a partyline intercom system, like Encore, you can add some interfaces along with a Concert-Server-4W at each location, and now you can connect all three locations to create one large intercom system. If you have a camera crew and projector screen, your director can be calling shots to show at all of the different sites; everything will be smoothly connected. 

The advantages of using Concert are:
1. You will own it.
2. It's secure on your private network.
3. There are no subscription fees or subsequent fees from a phone conference bridge.
4. You can have as many people in the group as you like. (Other systems limit you to 4 participants.)
5. Plus, Concert has outstanding audio quality and low latency.

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