December 12, 2013

Tip for HME DX Series Base Stations

Question: How can I select a Spectrum Friendly mode option from the HME DX Series base station?

1. Hold down the CLR/BND or RESET REGISTRATION* button first, then press and hold down the REG or REGISTER BELTPACK* button until you see the letter "A", "L" or "H". 

2. Next, release both buttons and quickly press the CLR/BND or RESET REGISTRATION* to cycle through the "A", "L" or "H" options. 

3. Stop at your selection and wait for the LED display to go blank. You will see the LED display a lowercase "c" upon completion of the configuration of this feature. 

After this procedure is performed on all base stations, beltpacks and Communicators will need to be re-registered to the base.

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