January 16, 2014

Theater J at the DCJCC Gives Rave Reviews about HelixNet Partyline

I recently installed a Clear-Com HelixNet digital network partyline intercom in Theater J at the DCJCC.  Initially, the production team at the theater was unsure if a HelixNet system was too much of an investment for them, but now they are amazed at how they could have gotten so far without such a powerful option.  

For years, they had operated with just a single channel non-Clear-Com partyline system. And in the last six months, they had added the use of a second channel on their intercom system by adding a couple of Clear-Com RS-602 dual channel beltpacks.  These beltpacks integrated into their existing partyline system perfectly.  While this solved their initial problem of not having enough channels, another problem came up. One of the lighting designers wanted to have unimpeded communication to the lighting board operator, but every other member of the tech crew was still on a single partyline.  And even with the lighting designer off the line, there was still a huge amount of congestion.  Couple all of this with a tragically timed power supply failure, and an appropriately timed grant to the theater, and viola, Theater J brought in a HelixNet Partyline. 

All of their issues were resolved with one excellent HelixNet system.  At first, they did not see a need for a four channel system, but as soon as it was installed and the lines were checked, the production manager of the space had already set up the system to incorporate all four channels. This allowed everyone to have access to the Stage Manager on one channel. They were also able to set up a discrete lighting channel, put all of the on-stage run crew on the third channel, and assign the audio/projection team on the fourth channel.  This also enabled the Stage Manager to have direct communication with the House Manager on the SM line without having to impede on anyone elses conversation during pre-show/checkout.  The production manager was also surprised by how easy it was to set up and how all the beltpacks can be daisy chained and addressed to any two of the four available channels. HelixNet has made laying out a tech table infinitely easier.  

Seeing how the Helixnet system has expanded their ability to operate in the theater, they have already expressed interest in replacing their single channel wireless intercom system with a Clear-Com Tempest intercom to revolutionize how their personnel on the wireless intercom work together.  

Theater J invested in Clear-Coms CC-26K headsets as well to replace many of their aging headsets.  So far, they have proved to be slightly lighter and more robust than their previous units.  There has also been praise for the high audio quality and the increased comfort of wearing the headsets over time. 

Overall, HelixNet Partyline and Clear-Com products have really improved the day to day operations for Theater J at the DCJCC.

Joseph Foley

Joseph Foley, Founder and General Manager of Capital City Sound, has worked on many high profile events.  His experience ranges from concerts on the National Mall, large scale special events and convention work to medium street festivals, Broadway musical tours, and televised Presidential Debates and Inaugural Balls. The vast scope of his experience provides many insights into different styles of events and productions.

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