July 8, 2014

Wireless Intercom Tip of the Week!

Question: Do the Tempest2400 and HME DX Series wireless intercom base stations support third party directional antennas (U.S. only)?

Answer: There a large number of 2.4 GHz directional antennas available in the marketplace.

Tempest2400 and HME DX Series wireless intercom base stations can be made to work with them as long as the antennas are fitted with the correct RF connectors. However, we often find that the correct placement of antennas is a major contributing factor to system performance. When using directional antennas, make sure to aim the antennas towards the specific spot that you want to cover. 

Do not run long cables from the base station to the directional antenna. Please check with an RF professional for more information.

The use of directional antennas is governed by local country regulations. It is legal to use most directional antennas in the U.S.*, and customers can purchase the directional antennas from Clear-Com:

*It is illegal for Clear-Com to sell directional antennas in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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