August 11, 2011

Clinical Work: Multiple Rooms Connect with Matrix and Wireless

APPLICATION: Three doctors are in the central room where there is a large video screen showing the video feeds from 12 rooms. Each doctor needs a user control panel that is programmed to connect with the beltpacks that will be placed in each room. The doctor needs to communicate advice and instructions to the nurses or technicians using wireless beltpacks in those rooms.
PRODUCT MUST: The digital matrix system must effectively interconnect all 12 rooms with the central room where the doctors are. There must be a large zone of coverage so that wireless beltpacks can be used in all critical areas.
SOLUTION: Three V-Series panels are installed in the central room. Four CEL-TA active transceiver antennas are set up in the hallways to provide coverage to the 12 rooms. When the doctors need to communicate with the nurses or technicians, they will signal the flasher in one of the rooms to go off. This catches the attention of the nurses or technicians and prompts them to grab a beltpack to receive further instruction from the doctor.

Application Diagram (Click to Enlarge.)
Clear-Com Eclipse-Median can support up to 112 ports in a 6RU digital matrix frame. This system is ideal for critical communications among teams that need direct and group connections.

Clear-Com E-Que Card is a wireless cell controller card that seamlessly connects the Eclipse with CellCom/FreeSpeak Integra for digital wireless communications.
V-Series Control Panels are 12 or 24-key IP-enabled user control panels
CellCom Wireless Beltpacks operate in 1.9 GHz band and uses DECT to allow users to move freely without audio fading or losing communication connections.
CEL-TA Active Transceiver Antenna supports up to five beltpacks each.

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