August 30, 2011

What Does Clear-Com Have to Do with Biscuits?

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This question is in reference to Clear-Com’s legacy and newer speaker stations, such as the KB-701 and KB-702, which have the letters “KB”. The initials refer to "King Biscuit".
To most of us, a biscuit is a flaky piece of bread or roll that’s delicious and goes well with gravy. It is actually another term for speakers as well.  
According to the early Clear-Com team and Charlie Butten, one of Clear-Com's founders, the reason why Clear-Com chose KB as the initials for its speaker stations has to do with its ties to the King Biscuit Flower Hour. This was a radio show that was broadcasted every Sunday from 1973 until 2007. The program was sponsored by the King Biscuit Flour Co. and often featured new wave and rock music.
Long ago, that radio station had approached Clear-Com for a speaker station. Since many of the Clear-Com staff at that time were huge fans of their music, we decided to use the initials KB for our product.
Here is a photo of our legacy KB-100:
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