December 6, 2011

Keeping Connected: Intercom Solutions For Multi-Site House of Worship Facilities

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Megachurches have evolved considerably over the past 60 years to accommodate congregation size and the evolution of technology.More recently, there has been a transition to multiple satellite locations away from the main church campus, because they attract closer knit communities and are more convenient for local worshippers to attend.

Today, there are more than 2,000 multi-site houses of worship across North America. With more church gatherings at separate sites, each location has a unique congregation and cultural environment which calls for specific requirements.Typical obstacles include the manner in which the service is presented as well as how parking, security and ministries are managed. With all the additional hurdles, communication has become increasingly complex as each site requires a specialized intercom solution tailored to its needs.

Even though the multi-site worship services are coordinated by local church staff volunteers, the sermon presented by the senior pastor from the primary church venue is often broadcast as a satellite presentation to the smaller sites. In fact, some of the multi-site worship venues actually simulcast the entire service from the primary church location while others augment the main message with local music and commentary. The increasing shift towards multisite worship facilities necessitates well-organized, quality communication not only within, but also between each site.
Michael Rucker, Clear-Com’s Senior Regional Sales Manager for Central United States, identifies the various intercom solutions for houses of worship depending on production demands, multi-site proximity and the facility’s ownership status in his article for Technologies for Worship: Keeping Connected: Intercom Solutions For Multi-Site Facilities.

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