December 27, 2011

Theatre Production Team Transforms Workflow with Flexible Wireless Intercom Systems

With Clear‐Com’s Encore partyline and CellCom wireless intercom system, Alley Theatre strengthens teamwork, streamlines workflow, and takes their already superb productions to an even higher level of excellence.
Photo Credit: Alley Theatre
The Alley Theatre has earned national and international recognition, including the Tony Award, for its creative and high quality productions. Through its rich offering of fresh new plays and favored classics, the theatre company has never failed to surpass the expectations of their audience – always guaranteed to deeply inspire the heart, wildly entertain the mind, and captivate the soul.


·         Difficulty reaching people and accessing information
·         Slow turnaround for production changes
·         Minimize support requirements

  • 2 RM‐704 Encore Partyline Remote Stations
  • 4 KB‐702 Speaker Stations
  • RS‐501 and RS‐502 Wired Beltpacks
  • CellCom 1.92‐1.93GHz Wireless Base Station
  • 13 CellCom Wireless Beltpacks
  • 8 CEL‐TA Active Transceiver Antennas
  • CellCom Battery Pack and Plug Chargers
  • PS‐704 Power Supplies
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration
  • Flexible systems accelerate issue resolution
  • Create better work environment
  • Complete, future‐proof communications infrastructure
·         Contain costs

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