February 15, 2012

Intercom-Over-IP (IoIP) Communications

Clear-Com brings to market the industry’s first native IP Communications solutions based on the ground-breaking I.V.Core technology.

What is I.V. Core technology?
Instant Voice Core (I.V.Core) is a suite of Internet Protocol (IP) technologies.
I.V. Core delivers:
• Low latency

• Superb audio quality
• Encryption, noise-reduction, and error-recovery

Why is Intercom-Over-IP better than Voice-Over-IP solutions?
Voice-Over-IP mix and encode audio at the server, consuming valuable IT network resources, reducing audio quality, and adding latency. In contrast, the I.V.Core routes only packets that contain actual voice data, mixing and encoding them just once at the client, thereby delivering a higher quality voice communications.
I.V.Core Technology Features•    Intelligent audio-routing decision engine
•    High quality voice with low latency
•    Voice data redundancy packet loss reconstruction and recovery algorithms
•    Secure and private with AES 128-bit encryption
•    Runs on standard IT networks
•    Low bandwidth: as low as 6kbps to 44 kbps per connection
•    Highly scalable for high volume participants and multi-session conferences

To learn more about how I.V. Core technology is the defining technology for Intercom-Over-IP (IoIP) Communications, read this white paper: 
I.V.Core Technology White Paper.

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