February 28, 2012

Options In Production Communication Systems


"Though the standard analog party-line beltpack-and-headset intercom is alive and well in thousands of venues worldwide, technology has continued to advance with the availability of faster processors, robust VOIP algorithms, DSP, networking, and other computer and telecommunications techniques.


Going beyond the large digital matrix intercom card frames and stations used almost exclusively in television broadcast applications just a few years ago, multi-channel digital matrix intercoms in 1 RU and 2 RU chassis are now readily available and can be found at the core of some live show and touring communications networks.


The transition to digital is now underway in wireless intercoms - allowing more flexible point-to-point as well as party-line communications on more than one channel without being tied to a cable. Digital wired party-line systems are now offered, with two or more channels per user and the ability for each user to choose and switch among various party-line or point-to-point conversations at the beltpack.

Virtual intercoms have also become a reality, where a laptop or desktop computer can become a fully functional multi-channel intercom station, with party-lines, point-to-point links, and program monitoring at the click of a mouse - plus the ability via IP connectivity to bring remote individuals and teams into the same production communications in real time.

All of these devices can be interfaced together, so a matrix or virtual intercom core can seamlessly add digital party-line and wireless for a flexible communications network that meet the needs of director through stage tech. Let’s have a look at available intercom technologies," says Gary Parks in the ProSoundWeb article, Current Options In Production Communication Systems.

Learn more about these various options in the full article >> Current Options In Production Communication Systems

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