March 13, 2012

Delivering Safer, More Effective Healthcare with Dependable Wireless Intercoms

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ClearCom and Fink Engineering have helped translate the business needs of medical providers into a robust, functional solution, following through every step of the way. Not only are clinics and hyperbaric operations optimized for patient and staff safety, but the medical staff members also have the capability to handle the unexpected and administer therapy with greater efficiency. Clear‐Com’s CellCom, coupled with Fink Engineering’s remarkable hyperbaric systems, has enabled the medical professionals to have more time, energy and resources to focus on what truly matters – ensuring the best healthcare for patients.

Here is the full case study: Fink Engineering

ABOUT –Fink Engineering
·          Rectangular hyperbaric systems
·          Serving hospitals in New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and USA
·          Headquarters at Queensland, Australia
·          Construct a danger-free treatment facility
·          Minimize crisis
·          Connect physicians and nurses for better teamwork
·          CellCom 1.9 GHz wireless intercom system
·          CellCom wireless beltpacks
·          CEL-TA active transceiver antennas
·          Reinforced safe medical environment
·          Accelerated response to emergencies
·          Improved clinical work environment
·          More suitable delivery of patient therapy

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