March 8, 2012

Making the Right Connections

Each year, there are an increasing number of innovations in connectors, cables, copper and fiber to interconnect various technologies. Have you heard about the latest 6442i CommLink fiber-optic intercom link?

Here are excerpts from TV Technology in Making the Right Connections about it:
Telecast Fiber recently introduced the 6442i CommLink fiber-optic intercom link. While the Worcester, Mass.-based company has incorporated intercom into its Adder II system along with audio and data, CommLink is "a device designed to simply move only intercom over fiber," said Jim Hurwitz, director of product management and marketing. "It's more economical. It accepts any of the industry standard communications systems and moves two channels of intercom audio bi-directionally and two channels of bi-directional data on a single strand of fiber."

CommLink interfaces with Clear-Com and RTS TW party line (two-wire) systems, and Clear-Com MatrixPlus/Eclipse and RTS Adam/Cronus/Zeus digital matrix four-wire systems. Data is RS422 and RS485, to accommodate either of these comms systems, each having its own way of handling voice and data.”

Learn more about it from the full TV Technology article:

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