April 30, 2012

Duck, Duck, No Goose

Why ducks? Well, duck restaurants happen to abound in Beijing, where our Clear-Com China office is located. Each one of our Clear-Com offices around the world has its own unique culture and we thought it might be interesting for you to learn more about our China office!

Our China Office is located in the Chaoyang District in Beijing, China. We opened there on January 1, 2012 and have had a growing presence there since! Chaoyang is a massive district containing Beijing's Central Business District.

Peking duck (yum!) restaurants are plentiful in this area. Hotpot is another major speciality. Hotpot involves dipping meat, seafood or vegetables into a pot of boiling soup to cook it before eating it.

Photo Credit: chinatourguide.com
Photo Credit: foodnetwork.com
China Central Television Station (CCTV), the national TV station of China and a Clear-Com user is located in this vicinity.  Beijing TV is also another media outlet that utilizes our systems here.

Some of the major attractions include the National Stadium at Olympic Park, Dongyue Temple, and the Art Museum of the Beijing Fine Art Academy.

Photo Credit: Topchinatours.net
Photo Credit: drben.net

Learn more about our Clear-Com office and the key staff at that location in our press release: Clear-Com Opens New Office in China

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