April 25, 2012

Who are the Lucky Winners?

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Clear-Com’s free headset giveaway at NAB was met with great success! After getting an exciting demo of one of our new products and filling out a short entry form, participants were automatically entered to win. One winner was drawn every hour from the first day of the show to the very last. Thank you to all who entered!

Here are the lucky winners of Clear-Com’s CC-27 headset:

Chris Barber
Douglas Clark
Alan Wilbarg
Tim Stoffel
Geoff Costello
Jason Young
Ben Shipman
Howard Kirsch
Terry Longordo
Anna Mayo
Kevin Brokers
Johannah Caley
Thomas Hormuth Jr.
Dave Costanza

Kirk Miles
Phillip Drake
Gary Holley
Tony Del Fiacco
David Lind
Alonso Plicett
Brian Granaghan
Jamie Reynu
Charlie Crea
Matt Pippin
Richard Ekstrom

The winners were also announced on Clear-Com’s Twitter page: @clearcomsystem
Winners that did not pick up the headset at our Clear-Com booth will have it shipped to their address.

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