October 31, 2014

Vote for Clear-Com's FreeSpeak II!

Vote for Clear-Com's FreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom to win the 2014 Sound & Video Contractor Most Innovative Product Award! 

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Here's why we think FreeSpeak II should win: 

FreeSpeak II™‘s ground-breaking design and technology makes it the highest performing wireless intercom option. It can be tailored for applications of any magnitude and complexity, and within varying environments. The wireless solution also delivers unmatched quality audio, innovative features and beneficial capabilities that increase productivity.

FreeSpeak II enables users to collaborate effectively despite challenging work conditions, such as RF interference and poor weather. In spaces saturated with 2.4 GHz consumer devices, many wireless intercoms suffer from audio fading and connection loss since they are competing for the same frequency spectrum. FreeSpeak II operates in multiple license-free DECT bands from 1.897-1.933GHz. Thus, it enables continuous, clear communication even in RF hostile settings and eliminates the need for frequency coordination.

FreeSpeak II’s new active antennas and wireless beltpacks are built with state-of-the-art technology that enhances reliable wireless connections. Active antennas utilize separate data and audio channels in DECT6 to create a dependable link between beltpacks and the base station or Eclipse HX matrices. Beltpacks possess cellular auto-roaming technology as well, allowing them to constantly scan and automatically select the optimal wireless signal.

The system can also withstand frequent usage in harsh weather conditions and environments. The beltpack is IP-65 rated, which means that it is water and dust resistance for demanding outdoor and indoor use. The beltpack’s rugged, exterior housing is also constructed with polycarbonate plastic and thermoplastic elastomer overmold, making it highly durable.

In addition, FreeSpeak II is scalable for applications of different sizes and sophistication. With FreeSpeak II, people can easily add more beltpack users as their team and workload grows. They can also extend communication across large work spaces. As a standalone base station, the system can support 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks. This is the preferred option for smaller applications requiring a few mobile users. It can also be scaled for mid-to-large installations. By implementing it as an integrated wireless solution within Eclipse HX matrices, known as FreeSpeak II Integra, up to 50 full-duplex wireless beltpack can be used simultaneously.

Moreover, the system’s wireless coverage can be expanded with locally-powered active antennas. Antennas can be positioned up to 3,200 ft away, or 800 ft away when centrally powered from the base station. Five way antenna splitters and up to 10 antennas can be installed to create an exceptionally wide coverage zone for beltpack users to roam.

Users are also able to benefit from FreeSpeak II’s high quality audio, ease-of-use and advanced features. The system delivers superior digital ‘Clear-Com Sound’ for clear intelligibility and ultimate audio comfort. The intuitive design of the beltpack makes it incredibly simple for users to navigate the interface and customize their own settings. Beltpacks offer five intercom channels to enable efficient management of workflows. And innovations such as “Listen Again” message replay as well as battery health, RF status and antenna link monitoring add to the convenience of the system. By providing flexibility, simplicity and high performance, FreeSpeak II gives users a remarkable communication experience and empowers them to accomplish more.

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