October 31, 2014

Vote for Clear-Com's HelixNet Partyline!

Vote for Clear-Com's HelixNet Partyline to win the 2014 Sound & Video Contractor Most Innovative Product Award!

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Here's why we think HelixNet Partyline should win:

HelixNet® Partyline is a revolutionary digital network partyline system that delivers an unprecedented level of performance. The product family comprises the main station and user devices—including the digital beltpack—new remote station and new speaker station with S-mount. With the addition of these two new devices, users have greater flexibility to build an intercom infrastructure that fits their workflow. HelixNet also offers interface and linking modules to network main stations and connect it to two-wire and four-wire audio systems.   

HelixNet enhances collaboration by providing extended connectivity, many system users, and high channel density. Up to three HelixNet main stations can be networked for wide collaboration. Designed with award-winning I.V. Core™ technology, the systems can be intelligently linked over LAN infrastructure using an Ethernet module. This creates a decentralized, distributed intercom architecture. A fiber module is available as well to connect systems over long distances.

In addition, main stations can be networked to allow more users. When three systems are connected, up to 60 HelixNet devices can be used. It also integrates with analog partyline systems, matrix intercoms and other audio devices via two-wire and four-wire interface modules, extending communication even further.

Three linked main stations provide 12 shared intercom channels. Channels can be customized to make information more manageable. Each beltpack can be assigned any two of the 12 channels at once. From the main station, remote station, and speaker station, users can select any four of the shared channels. Channels can be changed instantly from the user device or main station without added cable runs.

Furthermore, HelixNet reduces cables, time, and labor spent on setup and configuration, enabling huge cost-savings. Each user device receives shared audio channels, program audio feeds, and power over a single shielded twisted-pair cable. Moreover, since microphone cables and CAT5 are ubiquitous, they are more economical and straightforward to use. HelixNet can also leverage an existing cable infrastructure.

System configuration, maintenance, and operation are as easy as setup. User devices can be powered in multipe ways: via Powerline modem, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), or a universal AC wall adapter. After the system is powered, hardware auto-discovery permits connected HelixNet devices to be immediately recognized by the main station for rapid startup. The waterfall menu structure supports quick access to setting for effortless configuration. Channels are distinguished by labels on high-resolution, 10-character OLED displays. Buttons and volume knobs are also positioned to be quickly located and controlled.

HelixNet is the optimal intercom for all types of applications because of its durability, superb sound, and reliability. Fabricated from lightweight cast aluminum, the rugged system is tough enough for demanding indoor and outdoor use.  Designed with high quality “Clear-Com Sound”, the system enables clear communcation. In addition, program volume levels are adjustable to aid concentration in the noisy areas.  Another differentiator is that the system is unaffected by electromagnetic interference and ground loops, eliminating hums and buzzes.

All in all, users that have taken advantage of HelixNet have been able to improve collaboration, reduce costs, and boost efficiency.

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