June 14, 2011

Did I Get a Prank Call?

Over 10 years ago at a NAB tradeshow, Clear-Com was exhibiting the first FL-1 Call Signal Flasher along with the rest of its equipment. The FL-1 Call Signal Flasher connects to any Clear-Com or compatible intercom system. It provides a visual and an audible indication of a call signal on the intercom channel. The flasher emits a bright red strobe light twice a second in response to a call. The flasher also rings like a telephone to catch the attention of the call receiver.

When an application engineer demonstrated the FL-1 Call Signal Flasher’s functions at NAB, many people that were near the table or walking by the Clear-Com exhibit would answer their cell phones when the flasher rang. When they picked up their phones to talk, they realized that no one was on the other end and thought that they had just received a prank call. We were really just demonstrating that our equipment worked and it worked marvelously! The sound from the flasher was loud enough to grab others’ attention, proving that it functioned just as it should.

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