June 28, 2011

Prosecutors Will Be Violated

Photo Credit: papundits.files.wordpress.com
Ed Fitzgerald, Clear-Com’s Director of Customer Satisfaction, started with Clear-Com in 1977. He remembers when their building was located on 759 Harrison Street in San Francisco. Even though the building stood 110 ft tall, it only had four stories, each of which was 25 ft tall.

From the outside, the facility looked like an old coffee warehouse, but inside, the team simmered with creativity to develop the best intercom systems.

The very first day that he approached Clear-Com, there was a sign on the huge roll up door that caught his attention. The sign was in front of a “No Parking” zone. It said, “Prosecutors will be violated” instead of “Violators will be prosecuted”. From that moment forth, he knew that Clear-Com was a very different company.    

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