June 7, 2011

No "Resting" in the Restroom

Photo Credit: Marketingpilgrim.com
Clear-Com equipment is used by the military, in churches, for concerts, and even in the restroom of all places.

Long ago at one television station in Italy, the manager noticed that several of his staff members went missing from meetings or during critical working hours when they were needed immediately. He didn’t know where to find them and didn’t know how to get in touch with them. One day, he discovered that many of them went to the restroom to literally use it as “room of rest” from their production. The manager decided to have Clear-Com install its partyline intercom system in the restroom so that he could reach them whenever they were needed. The staff no longer had an excuse for not showing up to the production simply because they didn’t know. The staff now had accessible information even from the toilet. The installation of Clear-Com’s partyline intercom system reduced unnecessary breaks and optimized the work environment at the television station.

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