September 7, 2011

Challenger Learning Center Uses Clear-Com for Simulated Space Missions

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Found in 1986, the Challenger Center for Space Science Education was formed as a living memorial to the Challenger Space Shuttle astronauts. The educational program is designed to inspire children to pursue careers in math, science and technology because of the critical role that those subjects play in national security and innovative discoveries.
Each of the sites in their national network of 48 Challenger Learning Centers operate independently, but all of their programs are developed by staff educators and space scientists to ensure accurate content and effective instruction. The program involves simulated space missions where students must figure out math problems such as an average or estimate to save the space craft or successfully accomplish their goals. Math and science become more relevant to students as they begin to understand their real world applications.
Further, to accomplish these space missions, many of the Challenger Learning Centers utilize Clear-Com to enable clear communications and facilitate teamwork between students and instructors. Steve Otten, Executive Director (Challenger Learning Center- Woodstock, IL) duly notes, “We have been carrying out space missions for 10 years and have had over 90,000 students engage in our program. It’s amazing how durable Clear-Com’s headsets are because students are putting them on and off throughout the day and dropping them.” Clear-Com’s CC-95 headsets, which are used at the Woodstock, IL Challenger Learning Center, have truly proved reliable, being able to withstand the tremendous impact of extensive student usage for a decade.
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