September 8, 2011

Clinical Work: Speech Pathology Instructors Rely on CellCom Wireless to Teach

APPLICATION: At a university specializing at speech pathology, different instructors throughout the day need to simultaneously teach several classes of students that are in separate rooms. Because each classroom has a camera installed, the teachers can monitor multiple rooms of students from their cubicles. They must supervise and communicate with students that are working with patients.   

PRODUCT MUST: The wireless system must interconnect students in all classrooms with the teachers in their cubicles. The intercom system must also be easily programmable and flexible for class changes.

SOLUTION: Through the CellCom/FreeSpeak toolkit, the configuration has been programmed onto the CellCom base station so that the wireless beltpacks can be used by the instructors to speak with different students in their various rooms throughout the week. CEL-TA active transceiver antennas have been fixed in the hallways to provide a connection in the cubicles and classrooms.

Application Diagram (Click to Enlarge.)

CellCom Base Station/Wireless Beltpacks operate in 1.9 GHz band and use DECT to allow users to move freely without audio fading or losing communication connections.

CEL-TA Active Transceiver Antenna support up to five beltpacks each.

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