September 22, 2011

Video Production of Medical Courses

APPLICATION: Production technicians and videographers need to make videos of medical class courses. They also need to tape large events such as commencements.
PRODUCT MUST: IP based intercom solution as well as wired and wireless systems needed for comprehensive and flexible voice communication capabilities.
SOLUTION: The production studio houses the Concert server and each classroom has a computer with Concert.  The production technicians use Concert to communicate from the studio to the videographers in the classroom to coordinate taping. When taping is done remotely, the Tempest2400 and wireless beltpacks, Encore Partyline and wired beltpacks, and/or Concert over Wi-Fi are used to maintain communication with those at the production studio. 
(Application Diagram: Click to Enlarge)

Tempest2400 wireless intercom system operates in the license-free 2.4 GHz band to provide flexible, interference-free communications with high user capacity and multiple modes of operation.
CP-242 Tempest2400 4-channel, dual listen wireless beltstation

CCT-RT 2.4 GHz remote antenna 

Concert is an intercom-over-IP and professional audio conferencing software enabling cost-effective collaboration.  

Encore Partyline is the most comprehensive and reliable 2-wire system offering superior audio quality and intuitive plug and play design.

RS-602 2-channel wired beltpack 

IF4W4 4-channel 3 or 4-wire interface 

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