September 13, 2011

Trapped Coal Miners: Rescued

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On August 5, 2010, a tunnel collapsed causing 33 coal miners to be trapped underground in northern Chile. They only had food supplies that would last for 48 hours and drank the underground water to survive.

Although most rescue efforts are completed in less than two weeks, these miners were confined for 17 days before being discovered.  After eight drilling attempts to find them, the rescuers finally had hope when they heard the mining workers hammering below.

Using Clear-Com’s Encore partyline intercoms, the rescue team coordinated their intense operations to save the trapped individuals. After drilling a hole, they sent a probe 2,257 ft. deep to identify the exact location and condition of the miners. Once the opening in the ground was large enough, the rescue team successfully brought up each miner, reuniting them with loving friends and relatives.

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