September 20, 2011

Wheelchair Races to the Pantry

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 In the late 1970s, one of Clear-Com’s employees had a serious knee injury so he had to stay and move around in a wheelchair.  While exhibiting at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) tradeshow in Los Angeles, he met up with one of our Clear-Com dealers who also happened to be in a wheelchair. They spontaneously decided to have a wheelchair race with a representative from their company running and pushing them down the streets.   
Unfortunately for Clear-Com, our employee’s wheel chair tipped over. He rolled out in front of the doorway of the well known and crowded Pantry cafe. There was a very long line at the restaurant and a worker at The Pantry, who didn’t see what had happened, came out and told the already wounded Clear-Com employee to get up and get in line like everyone else.  
Since then, we have learned our lesson: Make sure you do not tip over during a wheelchair race.

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